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Jewelry for Throat Chakra Healing

woman wearing angelite necklacesDo you feel misunderstood?

Do you fumble for words?

Perhaps you simply can't stop talking?

When you wear Throat chakra jewelry, the words flow easier. Your messages are clear and precise. People understand you. People listen.

Take a look at the showcase for 11 featured designs below. You can also visit the full collection of Throat chakra gemstones and jewelry at Satin Crystals.

Let the flow of effective communication begin!

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11 Throat Chakra Healing Jewelry

Check out these Throat chakra healing jewels and take note of which ones call out to you the most:


Nothing beats wearing a necklace or pendant when you are working on your Throat chakra. These blue and aqua jewels land right at your communication center. Remove those verbal obstructions and be a master of words.

#1 Angelite Hug of Angels Necklace

What does it feel like to be hugged by an angel? The loving vibrations of your new Angelite necklace embrace you with all the hope and joy of your angel guardians. Smooth blue beads feel heavenly against your skin, while golden inclusions give your fashion a flair. Look good, feel good, and fly high.

#2 Aquamarine Ice Cool Calm Necklace

When you're feeling a flurry of frantic energy, let the power of this ice-cool Aquamarine necklace soothe you into calm bliss. Round and pleasing precious gems are beaded into a statement piece fit for a deity. Any time you're frozen in fear, clutch your blue Aquamarine healing necklace. Instantly let the anxiety go; let life flow.

#3 Amazonite Drop of Ocean Pendant

Keep a drop of the sea close to your heart every time you wear this Amazonite pendant. Glistening and glimmering, the aqua gemstone resembles beams of sunshine reflecting the vast waters. Gain the refreshing, healing energy of the Water Element with this magical crystal charm. 


Keep your mind sharp and your energy balanced. Throat chakra earrings help you communicate calmly and logically rather than bursting out in anger or frustration. Look like a sophisticated boss and talk like one too.

#4 Turquoise Earth Sky Earrings

Connect with Earth and Sky with these genuine Turquoise earrings. The gorgeous gemstones are fit for spiritual seers and fashion divas alike. Your new earrings make a bold statement while energizing your essence with ancient wisdom. The Turquoise dangle earrings let you be you.

#5 Blue Lace Agate Serenity Spiral Hoop Earrings

Tough day ahead? Calm your anxiety with these Blue Lace Agate Earrings. The crystal cool gemstones float above a spiral of serenity. They provide you with the peaceful vibe needed to tackle the obstacles ahead. You're capable of anything.

#6 Aquamarine Fairytale Princess Earrings

Be the confident princess that you know you can be with these gorgeous Aquamarine earrings. Wear the curved beauties for a head-turning look. Gain the admiration you deserve and the calm and collected energy you crave. The blue-green gemstones soothe your aura and balance your blessed life.

#7 Angelite Ruler of Sky Earrings

Travel to a place where Angels rule. These ornate Angelite earrings are your entrance into this magical world of infinite beauty. Contrasted with antiqued copper, the earrings provide a nostalgic feel of days gone by and the strength to conquer the days ahead. 


Do you prefer to communicate through written words? Throat chakra crystal rings help you convey your messages smoothly. Whether you're writing a formal novel or a casual text, you want your audience to understand you 100%.

#8 Kyanite Blue Royalty Ring

Shroud your aura in the mystical energy of Blue Kyanite. This magical ring holds the key to trusting your intuition. Wear the enchanting gemstone during your daily meditations, your nightly moon rituals, and your walks through the lush forests of life. 

#9 Chrysocolla Sassy Serene Ring 

Sassy meets serene in your shiny Chrysocolla Ring. Set in a racy copper band, the oval turquoise-toned gemstone is as cool as can be. Your adjustable ring lavishes you with love vibration and abundance manifestation.

#10 Blue Lace Agate Heaven Ring

Gaze into heavenly blue and fall into the hypnotic powers of your new gemstone ring. Set in contrasting metallic gunmetal, this ring shows that you can be both soft and strong. With Blue Lace Agate, you are cool, calm, and collected.

#11 Turquoise Touch of Shaman Ring

Wearing this real Turquoise ring is like having a touch of shaman magic right at your fingertips. Keep your mind and body energized with the power of Turquoise gemstone boosting your frequencies. Your refreshed aura will be noticed by all, as will this Turquoise crystal ring on its shiny copper band.

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Sheila Satin - April 15, 2022

Hi Ashlee, we have not made any Amazonite affirmations as of yet. We do create them when we focus on a stone’s campaigns, so you’ll see some in the future, but meanwhile, here are how to write your own:

and more about Amazonite:

Sheila Satin

Ashlee G. - April 15, 2022

hi is it possible to make amazonite affirmations??

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