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Top 12 Throat Chakra Healing Stones

two ladies holding blue agate heartsDid you say the wrong thing again?

Did you speak too quickly?

Or were you not quick enough? 

Communication blunders are a major problem in relationships and the world. Throat chakra healing crystals help you fix that. With Throat chakra healing crystals, you transform from a muddled mouse to a master orator. 

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Check out the top 12 gems below. Pick out your favorites and keep them near or on your Throat chakra during layouts, meditations, and throughout the day.

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Top 12 Throat Chakra Stones

#1 Kyanite Gems of Melodic Blue Vishnu

These Kyanite gemstones are reminiscent of blue Vishnu and his musical flute. Hear the melody of the universe through your Kyanite raw gemstone set. These little treasures are perfect for opening your Throat chakra to artistic expression and a greater understanding of your fellow beings. Cherish the sounds and sights of this grand world.

#2 Apatite Tumbled Stones of Energy

Do you feel like you're tumbling into a deep dark hole when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships? This deliciously blue Apatite Tumbled stone set helps pick you back up onto your feet. Gain a fresh burst of energy to get up and get going- life is about constant movement, my friend.

#3 Aquamarine Tumbled Stones of Paradise

Create a circle of paradise with these Aquamarine tumbled stones. Sit in the center of your mandala and feel the fears and anxiety slip away. When you work with these blue-green beauties, you feel refreshed. The Aquamarine tumbled crystal set creates a much-needed relaxation experience you can't pass up.

#4 Blue Calcite Raw Gems Heaven Healer 

Your Blue Calcite crystals look as though they dropped from Heaven specifically to heal you. With the Blue Calcite raw gemstone set, you can focus on holistic wellness. The large rocky gems are for creating grids, mandalas, crystal layouts, and whatever your imagination can concoct. Get yours at God's speed.

#5 Angelite Egg Guardian Angel

When you feel like you're walking on eggshells, your Angelite egg comforts you. Float above the grit of the world when you hold this angelic stone. Its celestial vibrations connect you to spiritual helpers. Your Angelite egg rests smoothly in your hand for healing and meditation.

#6 Angelite Heart Blue Wave of Love

Waves of love vibrations pour over your aura when you take hold of this blue Angelite heart crystal. Let the divine love flow into your life through the positive energy gem. Your blue beauty is the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Let Angelite hearts into your life and your soul will thank you.

#7 Angelite Tumbled Stones of No Anxiety

You want serenity, not anxiety. This blue Angelite tumbled stone pair blesses you with a calm healing vibration. Hold them in your hands to be transported to a celestial heavenly state of mind. Everything feels more peaceful with these Angelite stones.

#8 Angelite Ball Angel Channel

In times of trouble, your blue Angelite sphere soothes you. Be reminded of your divine nature when you hold this gemstone orb in your hands. Communicate with your higher self, guardian angels, and the angelic world above. It feels good to know you are never alone, always supported.

#9 Larimar Ball Happy Sea Paradise

You can practically feel the refreshing beach breeze against your skin when you gaze into this stunning Larimar sphere of the Caribbeans. Sea green and blue ocean tones splashed with black island minerals win your heart and calm your mind. 

#10 Apatite Sphere of Self Love

Feel inspired when you take hold of this stunning blue Apatite sphere. It is your cheerleader for a healthy fit body, mind, and soul. The rich blue colors laced with red fire veins are pulsing with energy, motivating you to move to the rhythm of progress. 

#11 Aquamarine Ball of Blue Bliss

The serene blue hue of your Aquamarine crystal ball brings instant bliss to your soul. Pick up your precious gemstone and feel the anxiety melt like ice. Your Aquamarine orb gives you a peaceful perspective and the wisdom to overcome any challenge.

#12 Blue Calcite Ball of Air Elements

Are you overcome with panic, fear, and anxiety? This dreamy Blue Calcite beauty brings Zen to your den. It fills you with blissful energy and reminds you that life is a sacred blessing. Your Calcite sphere makes you feel light and happy as you fly high on its Air element qualities.

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