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Moqui Marble Meanings and Uses

sheila of satin crystals holding a big brown moqui stone ball

What do you know about Moqui Marbles? Besides their funny looking formation, these powerful Shaman Stones have a grounding and balancing energy which you can use in your life right now. 

This guide will teach you about Moqui Marbles, how to use the earthy balls in healing, and how to care for the unique rocks. 

Watch the Moqui Marble Video

Want to watch the highlights of Moqui Marble Meanings? Click to watch the Moqui Marble video and see seven ways to use the shaman stones. 

This is a part of our A-Z Satin Crystals Meanings video series, where we answer your most pressing questions on all of the most popular crystals.

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Can you benefit from Moqui Marbles?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these statements, Moqui Marble stones can benefit and enhance your life:

  • You feel out of sorts and want to feel balanced

  • You want to release past trauma at the Root chakra

  • You are drawn to the earth's grounding energy

  • You want to scare off evil spirits

  • You would love to send the planet healing vibrations

  • You love rare and natural stones

What is a Moqui Marble?

A Moqui Marble is a natural stone formation found in the Navajo Desert of the United States. The chocolate-colored rock is an iron oxide concretion consisting of a Sandstone center surrounded by a hardened shell of Hematite.

They can be as old as 25 million years and as young as 300,000 years. It is possible that the stones were formed when the original dunes were underwater, but their exact origin is still uncertain.

The word Moqui comes from the Hopi Tribe, previously known as the Moqui Indians. Moqui Marbles were named after these indigenous people who lived in the Navajo desert area and utilized the power of Moqui for spiritual practices and games.

Are Moqui Marbles Illegal?

Did you know that it's now illegal to extract Moqui Marbles from the National Park? These chocolate brown crystals are rare, coming only from Utah and Arizona. Now they are even more exclusive as forbidden goods. 

Thank goodness Satin Crystals has a secret stash of Moqui Marbles. These were extracted before the ban, or have been collected lawfully in small pockets of public land. You can see the fast-selling, limited stash in our Moqui Marble Collection.

Lisa's personal experience with Moqui Marbles

I love Moqui Marbles. The dark brown color is alluring. The clanging sound they make when rubbed together is pleasing to my ears. The grainy texture creates a wild sensation upon touch. Unlike other gemstones, they are tough and durable so I don't have to be careful. Their grounding energy is peaceful to my soul. 

I use Moqui Stones most frequently after leading group meditations. After the meditation, when everyone was buzzing and flying high, we distribute Moqui Marbles for all to hold as a grounding crystal.

The Earth energy in these Shaman Stones is so strong that you can feel the energies pretty much instantly. With Moqui balls in hand, we would discuss our experiences and our feelings with the meditation until we slowly re-rooted back to the Earthly plane.

sheila of satin crystals meditating with moqui marbles in her palms
Sheila's Personal Experience with Moqui Marbles

I am attracted to the large Moqui stones that fit the entire palm of my hand. I can feel the earthy energies this way.

I also like to put natural or essential oils on my Moqui stones. Because the stones are porous, they act as an aromatherapy diffuser like Lava. I have a large Moqui stone on my desk emitting a coconutty argan oil scent as we speak! 

Where are Moqui Marbles found?

Moqui Marbles are found in the Navajo desert. They are scattered across the desert floors of Arizona and Utah, appearing in masses.

Similar concretions can be found in other parts of the world (and on the planet Mars), but the ones called Moqui Marbles are specific to the Navajo area. Check out this video of Moqui balls protected in their natural setting: Moqui Ball Madness

Although you can no longer remove Moqui balls from their natural environment, there are still some surviving old stock stones that are legal to sell. Check for Moqui Marbles for sale online at Satin Crystals. We don't get many of them into our shop these days, but when we do, you see them sell out quickly.

What is a Shaman Stone?

A Shaman Stone is another name for a Moqui Marble. We learned that the Moqui Marble was named after the Moqui Indians. Where did they get the name Shaman Stone? The indigenous shamans used these Moqui rocks for their spiritual properties and healing energies.

These minerals also go by the name of Moki Marbles, Moqui Balls, Thunderballs, Hopi Marbles, Entrada Berries, Kayenta Berries, Navajo Berries, and Navajo Cherries.

hand holding a male and female pair of moqui ball stones

Are Moqui Marbles Male and Female?

Moqui Marbles have been divided into male and female by those who have used it for shamanic purposes. The male holds yang energy and the female holds yin energy. The pieces shaped like discs or are more ridged are said to be male. The pieces that are more spherical shape are said to be female.

Some people separate the gender of Moqui Marbles by texture rather than shape. They believe the smoother pieces to be female and rougher ones to be male. And others go by their intuition. They will hold the Moqui in stone and see which one pulls down (male) and which one lifts (female) their energies. 

If you are holding a Moqui Marble pair in the palm of your hands, the female yin energy is associated with the non-dominant hand (left hand if you are right-handed) and the male yang energy is associated with the dominant hand (right hand if you are right-handed). You can then either meditate with the stones, visualize your energy bodies balancing like on a scale or breathe in the vibrations and be mindful in the moment. 

How do I use Moqui Marble Ancestor Stones?

Whereas the Moqui Marble male and female pairs work with balancing the yin and yang, the Ancestor Set of Three Generations is used to for work with your past.

This trio is specifically attuned to connecting with your history and releasing any baggage that may still be lingering from past generations. You don't want to forget, but you don't want to carry any trauma with you. Use the stones at the Root chakra to heal the hurt from this life and past lives

Hold or place the three Moqui Marbles over your chakras while you meditate, manifest, or do past life regression work. You could also carry them during a self-hypnosis or a hypnotherapy session with a therapist. 

The three-generation Moqui Marbles are also great when you are working on connecting with your spirit guides, channeling your ancestors, and connecting with your family tree. They solidify your roots here on earth through the generations. 

hand holding male and female moqui shaman stones

What are the Healing Properties of Moqui Marbles?

Moqui Marbles are known as Shaman Stones for their healing properties. During tribal shamanic rituals, they were thrown into the fires to explode in sparks. You can benefit from the power of Moqui Marbles, as they are said to be one of the strongest and most energetic materials on Earth.

Because Moqui Marbles are male and female, they are often used in pairs. However, you can use them as singles or larger sets as you see fit.

Here are five powerful uses of Moqui Marbles:

1. Balancing your energies

Moqui Marbles come in male and female formations. When you use them as a pair, they help to balance the yin and yang within you. Each person has both masculine and feminine energies. When these are in balance, life is great. When they are out of balance, you may feel overly aggressive, passive, moody, disconnected, emotional, needy, angry, sad, or a mix of these unpleasant states. 

To get back into balance, hold the male and female Moqui Marbles in your two hands while you calm and ground yourself to the Earth. 

If you are lacking particular traits, you might want to work with a single-gender Moqui. For example, if you need more masculine energy (often associated with assertiveness, leadership, logic, protection, and physical strength), you might surround yourself with male Moqui Marbles. If you need more feminine energy (often associated with being nurturing, emotional, creative, empathetic, and spiritual), you might choose to work with female Moqui.

2. Grounding your energies

Do you sometimes feel loopy, dazed, or just plain out of it? If you catch yourself constantly daydreaming, living in the clouds, are overly in your head, Moqui Marbles are exactly what you need.

Moqui Marbles are one of the strongest Earth energy minerals on the planet. They will bring you back down to reality. Moqui Marbles ground and root you so that you can live in the moment and enjoy it too. Hold Moqui stones in your hands to feel the pull towards the magnetic Earth.

Any time that you do lightwork such as Reiki, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Reading, Hypnotherapy, Meditations, etc, your energies vibrate differently. These types of practices increase your vibration to help you enter a Higher Realm. That's why when you come back down and out of the session, you feel as though you are buzzing and on a high.

Moqui Marbles are needed to bring your energies back to Earth. They are very popular to use to ground back to reality after healing work as you’ll see them featured in our guided meditation video series. Be sure to settle completely back to this realm before you leave a holistic session. If you are buzzing at a high rate and do not properly ground yourself, your aura may be too open and vulnerable to bad elements.

After doing lightwork, you need to hold the Moqui Marbles until you feel completely grounded.

Drink plenty of water.

This holds true even after regular massage sessions.

3. Creating Sounds for Protection

Use a pair of Moqui Marbles to rub together or tap together and clear a room of negative energies or a space of evil spirits. Watch the video for a demonstration of using these natural stones for protective sounds. 

4. Massaging your joints for pain relief

Many people have found that gently massaging the joints with Moqui Marbles helps to relieve pain. The massage can be enhanced by adding essential oils to the stones

Skilled masseurs can use Moqui Balls in their stone massage practices. Anyone can use them at home for self-massage and comfort.

5. Rubbing them as Worry Stones for Stress Release

Moqui Marbles are quite durable and make an interesting sound when rubbed together. They make excellent stress release tools to calm your nerves.

Hold Moqui Marbles in your hand and play with them as you let go of your worries. Feel their interesting textures. Let the energy flow through your hands and settle your entire body.

sheila of satin crystals holding a brown moqui stone ball

What do Moqui Marbles look like?

Moqui Marbles look like dark chocolate brown excretions. The hardened Hematite shell on the outside gives it a dark color. When you cut a Moqui Marble in half, you will see that the center is a lighter red-brown tone with grainy sand texture.

A Moqui Marble can range in size. It can be as small as a pea or as big as a baseball. Some can be found up to 8 inches wide.

Moqui Marbles are sometimes round spheres, discs, cylindrical like pipes, or with their odd formation. Some are smooth on the surface, while others may be rough and ridged.

What chakra is Moqui Marble for?

Moqui Marbles are associated with the Root chakra. They connect your energy to the Earth and help to balance your physical body so you can focus on the present moment. 

Martian Blueberries Vs. Navajo Cherries

Navajo Cherries (Moqui Stones) are not to be confused with Martian Blueberries.

In 2004, two Mars Rovers, Spirit, and Opportunity, sent images back to Earth of loose, round, rocky clusters that were small in size and looked blue. These Martian spherules got their blueberry nickname because they look like blueberries in the NASA images. From that point on, scientists have been trying to figure out their origin.

Planetary Space and Science, Volume 92, stated: Mysterious hematite spherules, also known as "blueberries", observed at Meridiani Planum on Mars have been widely accepted as concretions which are formed by the precipitation of aqueous fluids.

Other sources suggested a Meteorite may have struck the Red Planet and resulted in the creation of Martian Blueberries.

To get a better idea of what may have caused Martian Blueberries, scientists began to study Navajo Cherries of Utah and similar concretions in Mongolia. What they found was that Martian Blueberries seemed to be made of Hematite all the way through. It didn't have a Calcite center like the Earth versions. Also, Martian Blueberries are much smaller in size and more uniform, whereas Earth concretions can be several inches large with various shapes.

The Mars 2020 Rover will hopefully shed more light upon this intriguingly delicious mystery.

Shop for Real Moqui Marbles

Satin Crystals is based in California, which allows us access to the best genuine Mochi Marbles from the neighboring states of Arizona and close-by Utah. You can find Moqui Marbles in our store. We offer pairs and specialty sets. The best seller is our male and female pair:

We sometimes get very special pairs that are one-of-a-kind. These tend to fly off the shelves. Please see our full collection to view our offerings.

Why are my Moqui Marbles changing colors?

Like all natural stones, Moqui Marbles are subject to color change under heat, pressure, oxygen, and different everyday conditions. There is not much we can do about it except to enjoy the changes!

Your stones may also become smoother as you use them more. Since they are grounding stones, Moqui Marbles are often held in your hands and over time, this will smooth out the grainy ridges. 

moqui marbles charging on quartz cluster
How do I clean my Moqui Marbles?

To clean your stones physically, you can use a wet cloth to gently dust off your Moqui Marbles. We do not suggest submerging them in water as the Sandstone centers may dissolve over some time.

If you are looking to clean, charge, and program your stones energetically, please visit our Crystal Care page. 

Divination with Moqui Marbles

Drawing Moqui Marbles in a gemstone divination session means: Your head is in the clouds and you haven't prioritized your time. Use Moqui Marbles to center yourself and enjoy earthly pleasures before they pass you by in a blur. 

Shopping for Moqui Stones

Moqui Marbles are a wise addition to your stone collection. Shop the Moqui Marble Collection on the website or here on the blog:

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