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Illegal Moqui Marbles? Get Yours Now!

moqui marble pair in hand

If you want to experience the most powerful Earth-Energy crystal ever, act fast!

Did you know that it's now illegal to extract Moqui Marbles from the National Park? 

These chocolate brown crystals are rare, coming only from Utah and Arizona. Now they are even more exclusive as forbidden goods.

In my meditation group, we frequently used these stones to ground ourselves after sessions. Moqui are extremely effective in anchoring your aura back to planet Earth after it has been floating in the astral world. The rough, grainy textures of Moqui stones create a rooting and satisfying sensation in your hands. 

You, crystal people, know the irreplaceable power of Shaman Stones.

Thank goodness Satin Crystals has a secret stash of Moqui Marbles. These were extracted before the ban, or have been collected lawfully in small pockets of public land.

We would like to offer them to you for a limited time. Get your Moqui Marbles immediately, before they say goodbye forever!


3 Quick Tid-Bits about Moqui Marbles

  1. Found in the Navajo desert, they are nicknamed "Shaman Stones" because the Moqui Indians used their powers during spiritual rituals.

  2. Often available in male-female pairs, they effectively balance your yin-yang.

  3. They are made of Sandstone and Hematite aged up to 25 million years, hence provide you with greatest Earth-Energy of all.

To get your fast-selling Moqui Shaman stones before they run out, please visit our Full Moqui Stone Collection. Meanwhile, here are some popular Moquis for your collection:

To learn more about Moqui Marble's uses, meaning, benefits, history, and facts, please visit our Moqui Marble Meanings Article.

Have stories to tell about your Moqui Marble experiences? Comment below on our blog or feel free to contact us anytime!

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Sheila Satin - November 27, 2019

Hi Meg, thanks for writing in. Your question is an excellent one and I’ll add it to our Moqui Marble Meanings Article, so other people can benefit as well.

I also mainly use one large male Moqui stone, but I use it exclusively for grounding energies and as a diffuser for essential oils.

In other words, it depends on what you are using the Moqui marbles for. Some people only use the stones for their bones and arthritis aches, so having the pair is not important.

For people who are looking to balance their chakras, hold them in their hands for meditation or manifestation or any other such practices that require an energy of equilibrium, the male and female pair is important.

To me, it sounds like you would want a male/female pair for your energy balancing purposes. The sole male Moqui stone may be pulling your energies further towards your Root chakra and grounding you, whereas you would do better with an equal distribution of energy.

However, because each person vibrates at a different wavelength, I can only suggest that you try a pair and see if you feel any different. I would love to hear if you do try both and what your results are! Another idea would be to work exclusively with a set of female Moqui marbles if you feel like you already have a lot of male energies (like the overactive drive).

We have sold out of the single and female Moqui Marble sets at the moment, but we do have some waiting to be listed into our shop. If you are looking to add just a female stone to your collection, let me know and we can put that on our priority list for you.

If you need any further insight, please don’t hestitate to email. Thanks, Meg.

Sheila Satin

Meg - November 27, 2019

I have a “male” Moqui stone. I wondered what the significance of just having the one would be?
I’m already very sensitive in the lower half of my body, with an overactive drive that is caused by a medical/nerve condition called PGAD. It’s been worse lately, and I wondered if it’s because I only have a male Moqui stone? I just found out today the significance of it.
Any thoughts or advice are so welcome. Thank you!

Sheila Satin - October 21, 2019

Hi Andrew, I’m glad to hear that the Moqui stones are helping you to ground your energies during driving. I know when I drive too much, I feel quite spacy and disoriented, so grounding crystals really help me.

As for how else you can use Moqui stones, visit the Moqui Marble Meanings Article linked to in the blog above.

All-natural stones are subject to natural color change under heat, pressure, oxygen and different everyday conditions. There is not much we can do about it except enjoy the changes! Please note, your stones may also become smoother as you use them more.

To clean your stones physically, you can use a wet cloth to gently dust off your Moqui Marbles. We do not suggest submerging them in water as the Sandstone centers may dissolve over a period of time.

Personally I like to put natural or essential oils on my stones. This will darken the Moqui color further, but it also acts like an aromatherapy diffuser. In fact, I have a large Moqui stone on my desk emitting a coconutty argan oil scent as we speak!

If you are looking to clean, charge and program your stones energetically, please visit our Crystal Care page.

Thanks for writing in and for your question. We will add the question to our article so it can help others looking to clean their Moqui stones as well!

Sheila Satin

Andrew - October 21, 2019

Yes Sheila I did receive my stones thank you I hold them when I’m driving and when I hold them they get warm and I feel a lot better I was just wondering if there are directions on how to use them and they get kind of black I didn’t know if there’s a way to clean them I didn’t notice in the beginning when I open the box

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