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Moqui Stones, Earth's Excretions

Let's face it, Moqui Stones look like brown balls of excrement. But, I assure you, they are clean, merely excretions of the Earth. Well, what has the Earth excreted, you might ask? Moqui Stones are a Hematite Sandstone concretion. And why are they so popular? Moqui Stones are also known as shaman stones, used since ancient times to ward off evil energies.

My dad used to love to tell the story of how Native American shamans would rub Moqui stones together to create a screeching noise which would be offensive to the evil spirits. They would throw the stones into fire, sparking and releasing any unwanted energies from the tribe. If you've ever rubbed two Moqui Stones together you can verify that they have a special hollow rock sound and a subtle earthy crunch. 

Today we use Moqui Stones for grounding and arthritis pain. This connection with the Earth is what makes Moqui Stones so great for grounding. For those unfamiliar with the term grounding, grounding is our connection with the Earth and with the present moment in time; it is the knowledge that we are all a part of the grand circle of life.

You know when you need grounding energy when your mind wanders into the hypothetical world of what if's, focuses on the past or dwells on the future instead of enjoying this very moment in time. Grounding helps you focus what you are doing right now (like reading these invaluable words of wisdom ;).

moqui balls

Moqui Stones come in a variety of sizes from marble small to baseball large. If you are using them for grounding, I would recommend choosing the stones that will fit comfortably in your hands. Using a pair of Moqui Stones will help balance your left and right brains, and allow you to keep both feet on the floor. Simply holding Moqui Stones in your hands will activate their grounding energy, but energetically cleaning, charging and programming them will enhance your own focus on the wanted energy. 

Perhaps you have been waiting for me to address Moqui Stones use with arthritis. Luckily, I do not have this ailment, but I know that many people suffer from arthritis especially as they get older. I have heard of many cases of people using Moqui Stones for arthritis relief. All you have to do is rub the stones over the affected area. Like any other healing treatment or medicine, you have to do this regularly and with the focus and intent on what you want to heal.

Crystals can be a powerful tool in your energy healing process. They help you focus the mind for what the mind cannot do alone. Enjoy pairs or single Moqui stones in your grounding, healing and energetic lives. Regardless of what they look like, Moqui Stones are great for connecting you with Earth energy and reminding us that we are here in this life at this time right now!

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