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Crystal Healing Gift Guide Roundup

Gift Guide Roundup - Satin Crystals Healing Boutique

We have gathered up all of the Satin Crystals gift guides to help you find the best crystal healing jewelry and stones for your family, friends and co-workers during their special moments throughout the year. Whether you are looking for a Christmas present, a birthday gift or an Easter surprise, you will find unique guidance for all your big occasions!

Christmas Jewelry Gifts

Let’s get all decked out this Christmas like the playful ornaments on our trees. Be a walking celebration this holiday season with the colors of Christmas and the energies of crystal healing jewelry. Here are the some of the Christmas jewelry pieces we recommend this year. Read More.

7 Handsome Jewelry Gifts

Whether it’s your dad, brother, son or best friend, he’ll love these original men's jewelry ideas way more than another boring t-shirt or tie. Expand your horizons and his with crystal healing jewels that fit into his everyday lifestyle. Here are the top seven handsome gift ideas. Read More.

Crystal Gifts for Teens

Are you shopping for a teenager and in need of original meaningful gift ideas? If so, this guide is meant for you! Crystals, rocks, minerals and healing jewelry make unexpected and well received presents for Birthdays, Holidays, Graduations, Christmas, Hanukkah. Here are our top crystal gift suggestions. Read More

Crystal Gifts for Your Love

We all know that woman who seems to have it all. Why not get her the gift of a beautiful handmade crystal necklace, bracelet or earrings to accent and dress up her outfits. Help her shine her brightest at parties, stand out from the mundane workplace and create a unique style for her every day outfit. Here are some of the jewelry types for your consideration. Read More

3 Holiday Stress Relief Crystals

Need rest and relaxation this holiday season? Know someone who gets anxious in the bustling time of family obligations? Here are the three crystals for holiday stress relief. Read More

9 Grounding Jewelry Gift Ideas

Use this guide to focus on finding the right jewelry for grounding energy. We all have those moments when our minds are wandering in the space instead of focusing on what is happening here on Earth. Enter: grounding energy. Grounding energy is the energy that keeps our aura connected to the present moment and the physical body. This energy can be harnessed through healing stones that are vibrating at the Root Chakra level. Read More.

9 New Holiday Gift Crystals & Jewelry

It's the heart of the holiday season and you're stuck on gift ideas. Put your worries to rest! Nine new crystals and jewelry designs have arrived at Satin Crystals just in time for easy gifting. Check out these festive new gemstones and jewels from stocking stuffers to premium statement stones that will make you a hit. Your generosity will shine bright this season when you gift impressive healing stones. READ MORE.

10 Unique Gift Ideas for Jewelry Lovers

For those who can't leave home without it (and why should you?), gemstone jewelry combines the power of healing stones with the fashion of the season. Bestow this energetic combination upon the jewelry lovers in your life with a little help from our gift guide. At the Satin Crystals Boutique you will find a wide selection of natural crystal healing jewelry, from bold statement pieces or stackable bracelets to delicate charms to complete your jewelry lovers gifting needs. Read More.

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