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Crystals for Holiday Stress Relief

Tourmaline Bracelets - 3 Crystals for HOliday Stress RElief - Satin Crystals Gift GuideStressed for the holidays? Need rest and relaxation this season? Know someone who gets anxious in the bustling time of family obligations?

Here are the top three crystals for holiday stress relief.

Black Tourmaline

If you want a crystal that can help put your worry and fears to bed and provide you with a feeling of security, Black Tourmaline is the crystal for you.

Anxiety will strike when you don't want it to, when you are least prepared for it, or when you are at your busiest. Having Black Tourmaline with you can help you focus on what you need to focus on. It helps you get through and deal with your stress.

Keep focused on your end goal and remember to enjoy the chaos of the holidays because before you know, it will be over. 

Blue Lace Agate Bracelets - 3 Crystals for Holiday Stress RElief - Satin Crystals Gift Guide

Blue Lace Agate

Just gazing at this peaceful blue stone will have your heart slow a bead. Blue Lace Agate provides you with a soothing vibration.

This calming energy helps your mind to wind down. It is like when you decompress in front of a mindless sitcom after a rough day at work. Except, in this case, the rough day is a whole season's worth of meal preparations, gift exchanges, and work parties.

To get you through these overwhelming occasions, wear some Blue Lace Agate jewelry. The more the merrier. 

Lepidolite - 3 Crystals for Holiday Stress RElief - Satin Crystals Gift Guide


This is the king of stress-relieving crystals. Lepidolite contains lithium which is commonly found in prescription anti-anxiety medication.

Lepidolite counteracts your overactive mind and lets you concentrate on the things you actually enjoy about the holidays. Place this pretty purple stone in full view of your day, whether that be on your wrist as a bracelet or a polished piece at your computer. Better yet, place it on your forehead as you take a minute to lie down, breathe and give yourself a pep talk.

Your self imposed to-do list may have you sweating bullets, but hey, you don't have to do it all. There's always next year! 

How to use crystals for stress relief

First, you should have already programmed your healing crystal according to your intention. In this case, you would have pre-programmed it for a goal like a dose of serenity, a wallop of ease or a boatload of peace. 

Whenever you feel triggered, whether it be an overbearing comment or a pinch in time, hold your favorite stress-relief crystal in your hands and absorb its energies. As you know, every crystal gives off a different vibration. Most of us can't see or feel it, but we know that it makes us feel better. 

It also helps to remove yourself from the offending room. Get out into some clear air and let your programmed crystal remind you that it is okay to breathe. The holidays are a time of a celebration. Make it your goal to offer the harmony needed to make it a positive one. 

The Art of Gift Giving

Gifts are the biggest thing that comes to mind when we think about the holiday season. Check the top box off of your holiday list with crystal healing jewelry, stones, and meteorites

At Satin Crystals, we make it easy to pick your loved ones something that will make their eyes open in genuine admiration. Plus, most likely they will not have stones you choose to bestow them. 

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