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Choosing Crystals for Holiday Stress Relief

choosing crystals for holiday stressStressed about the holidays? Need rest and relaxation this time of year? Know someone who gets anxious in this bustling season of family obligations?

This year, 2019, things kick off later than usual with Thanksgiving happening at the end of the month. You may already feel your heart fluttering with anxiety. 

Calm your pulse; here are the top three crystals for holiday stress relief:

black tourmaline crystal for holiday stress relief

Black Tourmaline

If you want a stone that puts your fears and worries at ease and provides you with a feeling of security, Black Tourmaline is the crystal for you.

Anxiety strikes when you don't want it, when you are least prepared for it, and when you are busiest. Having Black Tourmaline helps you focus on what's important. It assists you in managing your stress and your schedule.

Keep focused on your end goal and remember to enjoy the chaos of the holidays because it will be over in the blink of an eye. 

blue lace agate  crystal for holiday stress relief

Blue Lace Agate

Just gazing at this peaceful blue stone slows the rhythm of your heartbeat to a comfortable tempo. Blue Lace Agate provides you with a soothing vibration.

This calming stone helps you wind down. It is as satisfying as decompressing in front of a mindless sitcom after a rough day at work. Except, in this case, the rough day is an entire season of meal preparations, gift exchanges, and work parties.

To get you through the overwhelming occasion, wear Blue Lace Agate jewelry. The more pieces the merrier. 

Not only is Blue Lage Agate an instant relief for your soul, it inspires a winter wonderland feeling and a cool holiday style.

lepidolite crystal for holiday stress relief


This is the king of stress-relieving crystals. Lepidolite contains lithium which is commonly found in prescription anti-anxiety medication. Don't eat it though!

Lepidolite counteracts your overactive mind and lets you concentrate on the things you actually enjoy about the holidays.

Place this pretty purple stone in full view, whether that be on your wrist as a bracelet or a polished piece at your computer. Better yet, place it on your forehead as you take a minute to lie down, breathe, and give yourself a pep talk.

Your to-do list may have you sweating bullets, but hey, you don't have to do it all. There's always next year! 

How to use crystals for stress relief

First, you should energetically clean, charge and program your healing crystal according to your intention.

In this case, you program the crystal for a relaxation-oriented goal such as to bring you a slice of serenity or a burst of bliss. 

If you feel triggered this holiday season due to a rude comment from a family member or a time crunch on your Christmas shopping, hold your favorite stress-relief crystal close and absorb its tension-defusing energies. Every crystal gives off a different vibration. Most of us can't see it, but we can feel its effects uplift us. 

Another stress-relieving tactic is to remove yourself from destructive situations. Get out into the fresh air and let your crystal remind you that it is okay to step away and reset for a minute.

The holidays are a time of a celebration. Make it your goal to enjoy the festivities. If you are at peace, others may follow your lead.

 gifting crystal for holiday stress relief

The Art of Gift Giving

These three stress relief crystals turn your frown upside down. Who in your life could benefit from the energies of Black Tourmaline, Blue Lace Agate, and Lepidolite? 

Gifts are one of the greatest part of the holidays. Check the shopping off your holiday list with crystal healing jewelry, stones, and meteorites

At Satin Crystals, we make it easy to pick presents that will be received with genuine admiration by your loved ones. It is our mission to spread the cheer.


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