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Holiday Gift Guide for Teens

Holiday Gift Guide for Teens - Satin Crystals Shop

Are you shopping for a teenager and in need of original meaningful gift ideas? If so, this guide is meant for you! 

Teenagers can be picky, moody, and versatile. Thankfully, crystals come in all colors, shapes, and forms to please an array of personalities.

Crystals, rocks, minerals, and healing jewelry make unexpected and well-received presents for Birthdays, Holidays, Graduations, Christmas, Hanukkah, and any other occasion.

Here are our top crystal gift suggestions for teenagers:

The Earth Explorer

Does your teen have a love of the planet, outdoors, and Earth? To encourage young Geologists, Environmentalists and Rockhounds check out our raw gemstone selection. Keep their quest for knowledge and information satisfied, while exposing them to the beauty of the natural world.

Click on the links to find our Natural Minerals & Gems and Clusters from Around the World.

Quartz Rainbow Cluster Collectible Bright Life Healing Crystal Titanium Shimmer Chakra Rock

Titanium Rainbow Quartz Cluster

The Trend Setter

Is the teenager you are shopping for a leader in styles? For the Fashion Forward, Models, Designers and Hipster, we have bold, original jewelry that makes a statement. Keep your teen in the spotlight- they will love you for it.

Click on the links to see our Edgy Skull PendantsColorful Bracelets for Guys and Gals, and Chunky Funky Rings for All.

jasper medley bracelets
Adjustable Mahogany Obsidian Copper Ring - Satin Crystals

The Space Lover

Count your lucky stars if you have a teen who has an interest in the great beyond. For your Astronomers, Astrologists, Aspiring Astronauts, Star Wars and Star Trek Fans we recommend Outer Space Treasures. Keep the momentum going, and let the gift of Meteorite enrich this healthy hobby with full forward velocity.

Click on the links to explore our Moldavite Specimens and Meteorite Rocks & Jewelry.

Pair of Libyan Desert Glass Meteorites
Moldavite Meteorite Necklace

The Studious Student

Count your blessings if the teen you are gifting is a studious student. For the Valedictorians, Academically Inclined and Leaders of the Future, we have stones to keep students focused and motivated toward success. When you gift positive, colorful crystals to your teen, it makes learning fun rather than a bore or a chore.

Click on the links to find Fluorite for Focus and Studies and Energizing Desktop Geodes.

The Archaeologist

Does your teen love digging for new treasures and tidbits of historical knowledge? For the youngster fascinated with History, Archaeology, and Evolution, we have artifacts and replicas to keep them discovering new things, as well as old.

Click on the links to find Far-Out Fossils and Dinosaur Figurines.

Orthoceras Fossil Pair
Aragonite Triceratops Dinosaur Figurine

The Magician

Life is boring without a little magic. For young Magicians, Witches, Wizards, Gothic and Occult Crowd, we have healing stones that mesmerize. Magically transform boredom and restlessness to happiness with crystals that intrigue inquisitive minds.

Click the links to manifest Magic Wands and Crystal Skulls.

Quartz Rainbow Crackle Tower Wand

Featured: Quartz Rainbow Crackle Tower Wand

Amethyst Geode Skull

Amethyst Mohawk Skull

Happy Holidays from Satin Crystals to you

The glee of childhood may seem lost upon teenagers, but there's still joy to be found- we just need to dig a little deeper. These crystal gift ideas will have them mesmerized and back in the holiday spirit in no time. 

Watch their faces light up with approval as they unwrap unique gemstone treasures. 

Watch closely- past the nonchalance and deep into their satisfied souls.

Every teenager is unique, so we encourage you to browse our Entire Satin Crystals Collection and find something that wins young hearts this season.

For more gift-giving guidance, visit:

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