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Are you shopping for a teenager and in need of original meaningful gift ideas? If so, this guide is meant for you! 

Crystals, rocks, minerals and healing jewelry make unexpected and well received presents for Birthdays, Holidays, Graduations, Christmas, Hanukkah and any other occasion.

Here are our top crystal gift suggestions for teenagers:

The Earth Explorer

For encouraging young Geologists, Environmentalists and Rockhounds check out our raw gemstone selection. Click on the links to find our Natural Minerals & Gems and Clusters from Around the World.

Featured: A Pair of Bloodstone Arrowheads

Rainbow Orange Quartz Geode Cluster

Rainbow Orange Quartz Geode Cluster

The Trend Setter

For the Fashion Forward, Models, Designers and Hipster, we have bold, original jewelry that makes a statement. Click on the links to see our Edgy Skull PendantsChakra Bracelets for Guys and Gals, and Chunky Funky Rings for All.


Featured: Tiger's Eye Aviator Skull Pendant
Chakra Bracelet Medley
Adjustable Mahogany Obsidian Copper Ring - Satin Crystals
Adjustable Mahogany Obsidian Ring

The Space Lover

For our Astronomers, Astrologists, Aspiring Astronauts, Collectors, Star Wars and Star Trek Fans we recommend Outer Space Treasures. Click on the links to explore our Moldavite Specimens and Meteorite Rocks & Jewelry.

Pair of Libyan Desert Glass Meteorites
Featured: Pair of Libyan Desert Glass Meteorites
Moldavite Meteorite Necklace
Moldavite Cage Necklace Unisex


The Studious Student

For the Valedictorians, Academically Inclined and Leaders of the Future we have stones to keep students focused and motivated toward success. Click on the links to find Fluorite for Focus and Studies and Energizing Desktop Geodes.

Fluorite Owl Crystal Statue
Featured:  Fluorite Owl of Wisdom
desktop agate geode crystal
Zen Blue Agate Work Desk Geode

The Archaeologist

For those fascinated with History, Archaeology and Evolution, Click on the links to discover Fossils and Dinosaur Figurines.

Orthoceras Fossil Pair
Featured: 400 Million Year Old Orthoceras Amulets
Aragonite Triceratops Dinosaur Figurine
Aragonite Triceratops


The Magician

For young Magicians, Witches, Wizards, Gothic and Occult Crowd, Click the links to manifest Magic Wands and Crystal Skulls.


Quartz Rainbow Crackle Tower Wand

Featured: Quartz Rainbow Crackle Tower Wand

Amethyst Geode Skull

Amethyst Mohawk Skull


Every teenager is unique, so we encourage you to browse our Entire Satin Crystals Collection and find something that will win young hearts this season.

Happy Holidays from Satin Crystals to you!

Author: Lisa Satin

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