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Angelite for Mothers Divine

mother and daughter holding angelite crystalsTo my Mother on Mother's Day

I may not always say it 

I may not always show it 

But I would like for you to know it 

You’ve loved me from the start 

That love has never torn

You’ve given me your heart

Guardian angel since I was born

Through highs and lows, you’re there

Gentle actions show you care

I cherish the sacred bond we share 

My gratitude touches infinity 

Nothing of Earth can say it right

You deserve the gift of divinity

For Mother’s Day, I give you Angelite 

Angelite for Divine Mothers

In the USA, Mother's Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday in May. Other countries dedicate different days to recognize moms How will you celebrate the most divine mothers you know?

For honoring divine mothers, choose Angelite. The love of a mother is so heavenly, it cannot be compared with anything else. Angelite is the stone infused with blessings from above. It sings a sacred song of love, healing, and beauty.

Mothers, mother figures, and guardian angels deserve the celestial energy of Angelite to replenish their souls.

They toil and labor for us, so that we may have life's sweetest treasures.

They sacrifice time, energy, and youth, so that we may have opportunities.

They give endlessly day and night, so that we may feel unconditional love.

When mothers gaze upon this sweet sky-blue stone, they feel kissed by angels. They feel as though they are floating on a cloud. They feel your love close by through the high vibration of holy Angelite. 

Angelite for Divine Healers

Angelite is for divine healers doing work in the Light. It is one of the most spiritual crystals, opening the gateway to a choir of angels. Through Angelite, crystal healers communicate with guardian angels, channel messages through heaven's angels, and ask for divine healing from archangels.

Tap into your lost intuition and welcome the vibrant world of Spirit. Life on earth is full of riches, but adding the angelic realm to your repertoire makes it that much sweeter. 

Angelite syncs perfectly to your Throat chakra, the seat of healthy expression. Be heard and respected when you open your flow of communication. Learn to listen as you've never listened before. With Angelite as your Throat chakra healer, your relationships grow closer. Your wisdom expands and your empathetic nature thrives.

Those who are in touch with divinity know the powers of Angelite. Isn't it time you find out too? 

Angelite for the Mothers in your life

Get Angelite now in time for Mother's Day.

While you're at it, get Angelite to nourish your divinity. You too could benefit from the gentle vibrations of this heavenly gemstone. You too could hear the angels sing whispers of encouragement whenever you need a guiding voice. Get your perfect Angelite piece now to have it for the Divine Angelite journey.

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Sheila Satin - April 26, 2021

Hello Klein, we have added Bahrain to the shipping options. We use only DHL Express services for international shipping to Bahrain, and it starts around $56. If you go to the cart checkout page, you can calculate your shipping there by putting in your country. If you don’t have a postal code, just put in 00000.

Klein V - April 26, 2021

Hello, do you ship to Bahrain? (middle east) and how much will the shipping fees cost. Thank you!

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