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Buying your first Crystals

tumbled stones in handTips for Buying your first Crystals

If you want to learn and understand more about crystals, the best way is to own them yourself. While you can look at crystals that belong to your friends or co-workers, crystals work differently for everyone. When you walk into a metaphysical store that is filled with hundreds of different crystals, many of them look alike. How do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few tips that will help you get started.

Don't Rush your Crystal Selection

The best way to find a crystal is just simply to look around. When you look at a container full of about fifty clear Quartz crystals, how do you know which one you should choose? You will automatically be drawn to it. Put your hands on them, hold them and feel them. Narrow down your choices to two and then give them a few minutes in your hand to connect. You will know which one of the two you should take home. You may feel a slight pulse feeling, you may feel the stone heat up slightly or cool down, or you may feel suddenly calm and peaceful inside. If by chance you don't feel anything, don't worry. Just pick out a couple of crystals that are pretty to you. When you get home with your crystals, you can take your time and hold them and see if you experience any feelings that are different. Try to visit the store often and eventually you will feel comfortable enough to feel the vibes from the crystals.

Start a Crystal Collection

You can't enjoy the benefits of crystals if you don't have them. There isn't just one crystal to carry around and have it do everything. For example, a Rose Quartz will promote love an give you a peaceful feeling within. Citrine is great for attracting money. Lapis is good for protection. When you go to the store, buy one crystal at a time. It could be a crystal that attracts your attention with its color or it could be a crystal that you hold and for some reason have a hard time putting it down. When you get home with your crystal, do research on it and find out what it's purpose is and how it can be used to help you. Over time, you will soon know your crystals and rely on them for many purposes.

Journal your Crystal Experience

keep a journal of what crystals you purchase and how it helps you. Keeping a journal will also be a good reference guide that you can reflect on when you have a need but not sure which crystal to reach for. Life's a journey, write it down for future generations.

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Lisa Satin - December 9, 2019

Thanks for reaching out to us. If the egg was purchased from Satin Crystals, we would be happy to identify it. If it was purchased elsewhere, we do not offer picture identification due to the possibility of inaccuracy and errors. However, if you’d still like to send us a photo we can let you know what our top guess may be based on visual clues.

You mentioned that you’re looking for the best way to treat the egg. If you are referring to cleaning, charging, and programming it, we recommend our Crystal Care Article for some beneficial ideas:

T.P. - December 9, 2019

I need help identifying an egg plz.I have had it afew years didn’t know what it was until recently I became drawn to crystals and saw a picture of one similar.I just want to know what kind it is so I will know how to treat it

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