tumbled quartz crystal gridMany people abide by the power of meditation to access your higher self, connect with the universe and open up your spiritual awareness. However, if you are like me, meditation does not attract you as a spiritual practice. For the purposes of accessing spiritual energy, I use crystals instead.

According to the colors of the chakras, purple or white is the color for the Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra is our energy vortex running vertically from the top of our heads through the bottom of our feet. You can use whichever purple crystals you have in your stash: Amethyst, Sugilite, Charoite, etc. Additionally, you can throw in some white crystals as well, such as Quartz, Scolecite, Howlite, etc.

To clear, balance and strengthen the Crown Chakra, use crystals that align with your connection to the spiritual world. Some things you can do with Crown Chakra crystals include:

  • Place tumbled stones around the Crown Chakra in a crystal grid

  • Meditate with Crown Chakra crystals

  • Sleep with Crown Chakra stones under your pillow

  • Use a crystal wand to open up the energies at the Crown Chakra

  • Wear spiritual crystal healing jewelry during the day

To be open-minded is to know that everything and nothing could be true. So let go of your inhibitions: have fun on those astral travels, psychic experiences and ghostly encounters.

My friend was skeptical about a date she went on. She liked the guy but could not wrap her head around the fact that he believed in reincarnation. She argued that it clashed with her scientific mind. I replied that scientists should be the first to admit that there is so much unverified information in this universe that she can not say scientifically prove if reincarnation exists. Throughout the history of mankind, closed minds have made it almost impossible for many discoveries that are now deemed to be true.

By connecting to our spiritual energies to our emotions of unknown physical source: love, happiness, peace, knowing, joy, we inevitably open our minds to the possibilities of life, death and ever after.

Author: Sheila Satin

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