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Falling in Love with Turquoise

Falling in Love with Turquoise - Satin Crystals ArticleTurquoise holds a special place in our hearts. It's very well known for being used in Native American art, jewelry, and spiritual ceremonial rituals. Genuine turquoise can be tricky to acquire, because the market is flooded with fakes. Once you get your hands on the real deal, you will fall in love. Appropriate, since the green variety aligns with the heart chakra!  Shop Satin Crystals' Turquoise Collection to avoid the colored phonies and get yourself an authentic stone. 

Falling in Love with Turquoise Article - Satin CrystalsOld Kingman Turquoise

I recently hand picked a beautiful batch of Old Kingman turquoise from craftsmen of Arizona who tumble and polish their own pieces. American turquoise is in a category of its own for fame and energy. The pieces at Satin Crystal range from green to deep rich blue. Above is a photo of my personal large tumbled piece. I love how the rich brown and ocher bring an earthy energy to the celestial turquoise tones. I'm in love with the size, weight, feel, color, and energy of this piece. I use it to strengthen my heart and throat chakras. I'm currently receiving sound therapy, so this piece works perfect in complimenting the work I am doing with my ears.  It also keeps me calm while reminding me that I'm connected to the Great Universe of Oneness. 

Tibetan Turquoise

Satin Crystals has recently hand picked a beautiful exclusive batch of Tibetan turquoise, which will be available online shortly. Tibetan turquoise holds the teachings of the far East, Zen qualities that allow you to remain calm, tranquil, and travel deep when in meditation. They range naturally in size, patterns, and color. 

The more I get my hands on real Turquoise, the deeper I fall in love with this precious crystal. A little more about the qualities of the stone:

"Turquoise is found in blue and green, often with a black matrix. Because it is a soft gemstone, Turquoise is often stabilized to create jewelry and carvings. Turquoise unites earth and sky energies with its grounding qualities and its beautiful blue color. Use Turquoise to release old vows, express freely and ease nerves when speaking in public. Turquoise is a popular travel stone, carried or worn to keep you protected on your journeys. Turquoise helps balance and open the Throat Chakra."

Please watch our Turquoise Video and check out our entire Turquoise collection to find the authentic piece that is perfect for you.



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