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Bloodstone is not one of the common crystals known to the masses like Quartz or Amethyst, but somehow it has become one of the most popular stones with the Satin Crystals niche. Most popular is the rich Indian Bloodstone jewelry is a hit for its midnight forest green peaking with flecks of red, white and yellow inclusions.

Bloodstone jewelry pieces

At Satin Crystals boutique, we offer Indian Bloodstone bracelets, anklets, earrings and necklaces. Once in a while we will have one of a kind Bloodstone jewels, but as it’s such a popular stone, these will go fast, so keep an eye out!

Bloodstone bracelets are easy to stack up the arms and the necklaces are easy to layer. If you have more than one pierced ear hole, you can even layer up the Bloodstone earrings! The color is often dark, leaning towards a fashionable black, making Bloodstone easy to wear with your casual T-shirt to your fancier black tops. Although subtle in its dark color, you do get that pop of color with Bloodstone’s organic inclusions, which distinguishes it from your jet black jewelry.

It is also a stone that appears to both sexes, so you can’t go wrong gifting Indian Bloodstone to all of your loved ones.

Bloodstone’s popular metaphysical properties

Here are a few of Bloodstone’s metaphysical properties which may answer why it is such a popular healing crystal:

  • Retains wealth.
  • Regulates the Heart Chakra.
  • Promotes confidence and courage.
  • Encourages healthy blood circulation.

Another interesting fact about Bloodstone is that the red inclusions in the crystal have long been seen as a symbol of Jesus’s sacrifice at the cross, thus making it a popular stone among many faiths.

We also occasionally hear back from customers who claim that their Bloodstone has been totally drained of red specks during their times of ailment or have increased in the red colors during other times. These mysteries make Bloodstone even more intriguing as a healing stone!

The Mysteriously Popular Bloodstone

These are some of the reasons why Bloodstone may have gained it celebrity status at the Satin Crystals boutique, but of course each person is attracted to this stone for different reasons. Why are you attracted to Bloodstone? Curious minds want to know!

Author: Sheila Satin

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