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Inspiration behind Bloodstone Travel Earrings

Brown wood heart shaped map charms dangling from bloodstone earrings in front of a female's third eye chakra with blue sweater, pyrite skull bracelet

The Inspiration behind the Earrings

These Bloodstone earrings were decades in the making, inspired by my travel loving parents and their blessed wanderlust spirit. When I first lay eyes upon the unique wooden map charms, I was transported to memories of my first solo travels, and what subsequently lead to my love of visiting the foreign world. Depicting the flattened view of our world, the map embraces each country in heart-shaped love, and we realize how small Earth is when seen from a bigger perspective.

A product of adventurous immigrant parents, I was lucky enough to have started my world travels at a mere few months old. Since I was a baby, we would take frequent family trips back to their home countries of Thailand and India. However, my parents were not just homebound in their adventures, as also we went to visit their friends in other countries and they would come visit us in our little corner of California. And thus, my siblings and I developed an open view of the world and its people. We realized early on that there are all types of people anywhere you go, making the idea of stereotypes defunct.

How the Travel Earrings are created

In my jewelry studio, I assemble these Bloodstone travel earrings with hope and excitement for future adventures, both yours and mine! The earrings are each beaded with one dark brown bead and six Bloodstone beads, chosen for their rich green color and subtle red, yellow and white inclusions. These dark Bloodstones are known as Indian Bloodstone and they are the most sought after in the Bloodstone family. The long travel earrings dangle with their wood map charms from antiqued steel earwires. I like to use antiqued earwires because they give you a clean, vintage look without the fear of peeling. If you prefer to upgrade to sterling silver of gold, just ask, as these earrings are exclusively handmade by me in the Satin Crystals studio here in sunny California.

Bloodstone’s Role in Travel

Bloodstone is one of the most popular niche crystals for people "in the know." I chose Boodstone for the first pair of travel earrings because of one of its metaphysical properties. This healing property is one that I associate with the act of picking up and flying into the unknown: Courage. Now that travel is such a normal part of my life, I forget that it takes courage to visit a foreign place. For many people, this lack of courage keeps them bound within a few miles radius of their homes for their entire lives. Comfort and familiarity leads to fear of the unknown, making Bloodstone a powerful crystal to break down these walls of trepidation and get your moving into the world.

Gifting Bloodstone Travel Earrings

For those travel lovers in your life, these are the perfect pair of earrings to gift. They are lightweight and comfortable to pack and wear - I have done it through many trips! Although lightweight, the Bloodstone earrings do have a nice length to them and they will surely bring compliments and good cheers from fellow travelers. For those who only dream of travels and look on jealously as you post stunning trip photos on Instagram, these Bloodstone earrings may just inspire them to take the first steps into the world we love.

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