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Looking for Heaven on Earth? Angelite Answers.

sheila of satin crystals wearing angelite jewelry


Have you worked with Angelte in healing? Do you wear Angelite jewelry? Does it remind you of blue cotton candy? The bright blue sky? The icy blue of a glacier? 

Angelite brings you a little slice of heaven on Earth. 

The answer to solving life's drama lies in the power of Angelite. 

The Healing Energy of Angelite

"You are more than your surroundings", whispers Angelite.

In crystal healing, Angelite is the stone to pick when you feel stressed. Need a little quiet time to rediscover who you are? Angelite connects you with spiritual beings who can assist you in achieving goals. It calls upon your guardian angels to help you find that elusive balance in life.

It's so easy to lose yourself in everyday drama at home, work, and in society. Connecting with the angelic realm reminds you to focus on the big picture rather than drowning in irrelevant drama. In the vast timeline of ancient Earth, you are here to shine for just a few brief moments. Why waste it on worry? Instead enjoy yours existence on all levels of being: physical and spiritual. 

Angelite is one of the shining jewels in our Calming Crystals Collection. You can also find it in Throat Chakra Crystals as a popular stone to open your communication center, and in Third Eye Chakra Crystals because it opens up your psychic abilities.

Adorning with Angelite Jewelry

Angelite jewelry is a favorite at the Satin Crystals Boutique. It is cherished for distinct soft blue colors and calming energies. Angelite can be worn as everyday jewelry- it is perfect with blue jeans and a t-shirt. It also goes with more dressy ensembles, bringing a sweet touch of elegance to your formal outfits. 

The sweet, candy blue color of Angelite makes it appealing to our teenage crowd. Angelite makes an excellent choice for school dances, sweet sixteen birthday parties and the Prom. These occasions only come once in a lifetime. Ditch the plastic baubles and don timeless Angelite stones - you deserve the real thing. 

Wedding tradition encourages you to have a little something blue in your attire. This served to keep away unwanted energies from the bride. Stick to this good luck ritual with the help of Angelite. Wear a pair of pastel blue Angelite earrings, a tasteful Angelite necklace or a discreet custom ordered Angelite anklet on your special day. Choosing gemstone jewelry as your blue wedding memento is something you will think back upon fondly for the rest of your life.

Choosing from the Angelite Collection

Forget the synthetics, it's time to upgrade your collection to genuine gemstones. Here are a few of the blue hued jewelry pieces awaiting you in the Angelite Collection

sheila of satin crystals wearing cloud angelite necklace and matching earringsHang out among the higher beings with this Angelite Cloud necklace. Match it with Angelite Cloud earrings

hand wearing antique brass angelite stretch bracelet
Add some vintage charm to your pastel blue with Antiqued Angelite stretch bracelet

matching angelite antique brass necklaces and earrings from satin crystalsMatch your designer bracelet with an Antiqued Angelite Necklace and a pair of Antiqued Angelite earrings.

hands in meditation wearing lapis and angelite stretch braceletsDouble up on your spiritual energies with Angelite and deep blue Lapis in this peaceful stretch bracelet. 

sheila of satin crystals showing off stackable angelite stretch bracelets
Stack up your Angelite bracelets for an eye-catching layer of cool. Punch your aura, and theirs, with this showstopping look. 

sheila of satin crystals wearing angelite silver earrings

    For stunning appeal at the party, adorn yourself with these artisan capped Angelite earrings. 

    The Distinct Color of Angelite

    Angelite is very easy to identify, even for beginner rock collectors. Its distinguishing heavenly blue color is unmistakable. Even when highly polished, it will retain a matte luster. In its raw formation, Angelite emerges from a rocky white matrix. White traces along with iron inclusions may be present in your polished Angelite stones as well, making each piece unique in character.

    Blue Lace Agate may be a comparable stone in energy and colors to Angelite, but Blue Lace Agate is always translucent and always banded.

    As the only precious blue version of a common mineral called Anhydrite, Angelite is the belle of the ball. Learn a bunch more about this unique stone in the Angelite Stone Meanings article, and watch the video on the crystal while you're there!

    Connect Yourself with Angelite Crystals

    Have you worked with Angelte in healing? Do you wear Angelite jewelry? Does it remind you of blue cotton candy? The bright blue sky? The icy blue of a glacier? We would love to hear your stories with Angelite in the comments below! You can also feel free to contact us directly with any questions on this stone.

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    Sheila Satin - August 31, 2020

    Hi Hadith, thank you for sharing your experience with Angelite. While we have not had this happen personally, we have heard some clients say that their crystals roll away or get “lost” for a while when they are feeling overwhelmed with the energy. This may be the same case for you.

    But, of course, every person is different, so your experience will have your own interpretation.

    Sheila Satin

    Hadith - August 31, 2020

    I used this crystal in meditation today I put it in my right hand. During meditation it begin to vibrate and roll of my hand. I stayed in meditation and started crying but I wounding why it rolled off. First time experience that.

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