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New Moon Arrivals for July 6, 2024

quartz tumbled stones with new moon image

Dear Friends,

It's a dazzling day
And a night so bright
The New Moon is at play
See fresh crystals tonight 

Tumbled stones are a-knockin'
Starting at $5+ a pop
Balls and pyramids are rockin'
Come shop until you drop!

With Love,
Lisa Satin

18 New Moon Arrivals 

Do you love being the first to see new stones? We kindly invite you to enroll in the Satin Crystals VIP club. And then, check out the latest gemstones.

Tumbled Stone a-Knockin'

These brand new tumbled stones and sets are perfect for crystal healing, gridding, carrying, and gifting. Starting at just $5 a piece, they are your budget friendly buddies. 

#1 Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone Everything

Clear Quartz tumbled stones rule the crystal kingdom. Gain clarity, exude confidence, and become spiritually savvy with Quartz. These healing gems do everything, and so can you!

#2 Bloodstone Tumbled Stone Determination

Bloodstone is your handsome crystal of courage. Each glossy tumbled stone fuels your determination and brings you closer to your dreams.

#3 Scolecite Tumbled Stone Orange Quest

These Scolecite tumbled stones touched with orange are perfect for your spiritual truth. Let the unique gemstones guide you as you walk the path of purpose. 

#4 Lepidolite Tumbled Stone Violet World 

These violet-gray Lepidolite tumbled stones draw your attention to the beautiful, sparkling aspects of everyday life. Leave behind anxieties and embrace joy with Lepidolite.

#5 Moss Agate Tumbled Stone I'm Natural

When it comes to living your best life, you're a natural! With Moss Agate tumbled stones on your side, conquer any obstacle using your God-given strengths.

#6 Rutilated Quartz Tumbled Stone Strands

Large and deluxe Rutilated Quartz tumbled stones bring a touch of threaded goodness to your vibe. Know your worth, know your value. Stand stronger as you work with Rutilated Quartz.

#7 Dalmatian Jasper Tumbled Stone Pet Rock

These adorable Dalmatian Jasper tumbled stones become your positive pet rocks. Dawn then in your pocket or do a layout to feel cheerful, loved, and emotionally healed.

#8 Dumortierite Tumbled Stone Straight Seer

When you want to see your path straight ahead, turn to Dumortierite tumbled stones. They awaken your Third Eye vision so you become a seer of the physical and spiritual realms.

#9 Ruby Fuchsite Tumbled Stone Grace

Ruby Fuchsite tumbled stones bless you with a sense of grace and gratitude. Open your Heart to meaningful love and a purposeful life when you work with these beautiful gems.

More New Rocks a-Rockin'

Brand new crystals are always exciting. Plus, see some of your popular restocks. Choose from rocks, spheres, pyramids, and more galore!

#10 Green Calcite Money Matte

BRAND NEW LISTING: This matte Green Calcite raw stone celebrates love, money, and the love of money. Use your large chunky crystals on your Heart chakra to open the flow of love. Place more in your money area to thrive in a world of green abundance.

#11 Red Calcite Raw Talent Stone

BRAND NEW LISTING:  Orange-toned Red Calcite crystals draw out your raw talents. When you need an energetic boost, take hold of these natural gems and showcase your skills for all to admire.

#12 Black Obsidian Pyramid Protection

RESTOCKED: Tap into saintly wisdom and spiritual powers with this glossy Black Obsidian pyramid. It serves as your energetic gatekeeper, blocking out negative people and forces who are trying to stifle your success, therefore allowing your goals to become reality.

#13 Black Obsidian Massage Wand

RESTOCKED: When you need powerful protection, take hold of your sleek new Black Obsidian massage wand. This guardian gem eliminates bad frequencies attempting to fill your room and life. Use it on your physical body, massaging pressure points to release tension.

#14 Apache Gold Sphere

NEW XL SIZES: Your wise Apache Gold sphere is here to show you the world: shining, shimmering, and splendid. As you take a journey of the soul, it wraps you warmly with protective power. The insight of indigenous masters is channeled through Chalcopyrite and Black Schist.

#15 Flower Agate Sphere

NEW SIZES: When you're feeling down, pick up your Flower Agate sphere and think of your favorite things. This gorgeous crystal ball lifts your mood and your energy too. Always look on the bright side of life, and you'll find yourself forever in bloom.

#16 Carnelian Pyramid of Fire

RESTOCKED: The Carnelian pyramid's energy strikes a fire in your spirit, waking you from a sleepy slumber to pursue your life and spiritual purpose in full force.

#17 Carnelian Crystal Ball of Flames

RESTOCKED: Say adios to the boring days and let this orb fan your flames of desire. Colors of red, orange, and yellow excite and ignite your creative juices. The Carnelian ball gets your body pumped and your emotions in rev.

#18 Amethyst Bracelet Deeply Divine

RESTOCKED: The things in life that make you feel fine are things you hold as deeply divine. This dark, discreet Amethyst bracelet adds meaning to each day.

Manifesting More...

Have you used crystal healing during a New Moon? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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