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Noble Phurba Daggers

I have always been fascinated with swords, knives, daggers; anything that can defend you in a noble situation. Anybody can pull out a gun, but not many people have the technical skills or suave to wield a beautiful pointed weapon.

They may not call the Phurba a weapon, but in fact, it is a guardian against evil spirits. It is a three-headed dagger protecting you from all angles. The Phurba has been used in Tibetan tradition for centuries. Most commonly you will find the Phurba dagger cast in metal, but in crystal healing we have spectacular stone carvings of the Quartz Phurba. I've never attempted it myself, but I can appreciate how difficult it is to hand carve one of these ornate beauties.

quartz phurba wand

Besides using them in Tibetan spiritual rituals, Quartz Phurbas can be used as an alternative to the traditional magic wand. Pointed at one end, the energy of the stone can be directed wherever you want it to manifest. Display it on your mantel or place it in your healing space, this is one dagger that will turn heads (get it?).

quartz phurba wands

Although defending yourself through medieval ways may remain a fantasy, you can now protect your energetic self with the power of the Quartz phurba. Whether wielding it's pointed end or directing the three heads for protection, this wand will help your spiritual energies remain intact.

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Sheila Satin - July 3, 2019

Dear Eric, thanks for your question. Yes, you can definitely use your brass phurba as a substitue for a wand in whatever rituals you are pursuing. Except, if you are trying to do a crystal healing ritual. In this case, you are directing the crystal’s energies for your healing purposes.

However, you could always combine your brass wand with natural stones if you are aiming for a crystal healing session.

Thanks for reading and visiting Satin Crystals.

Eric Lim - July 3, 2019

Hi there,

I have a question about the phurba. You mentioned that the quartz phurba can be used as a substitute for the traditional wand. I do happen to have a phurba though it is made of brass. Can this be also used as a substitute as a wand for a ritual?

Thank You.

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