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Protection Pyramids for People & Places

assortment of gemstone pyramids

Crystal pyramids combat dark forces with divine goodness. When you want to protect yourself, loved ones, and spaces, turn to the top 15 protection pyramids in the showcase below.

Place protection pyramids strategically in your home to eliminate bad vibes. Use them during your spiritual practices to create an impenetrable aura. Do crystal layouts that draw out painful past experiences so that you can move forward in the light of life.

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Top 15 Protection Pyramids

Featured here are powerful protection pyramids that slay. You can see even more sacred stones in the Satin Crystals Pyramid Collection.

Dark Defenders

Black and dark-colored crystals rank superior when it comes to protection. These 7 dark defender pyramids are your prime picks. Place one or more crystal pyramids in each room you want to safeguard. You can also use them for Root chakra healing work to draw out negative thoughts and vibrations from your mind, body, and soul.

  • Obsidian armors your aura

  • Tourmaline safeguards space

  • Shungite cleanses stale energy

  • Hematite heals pains of the past

  • Labradorite lights hope in darkness

  • Mystic Gabbro protects during rituals

  • Tigers Iron bars bad folks from your life

Colorful Champions

These pyramids protect your energy while giving your spaces a pop of color. Picking the perfect pyramids for Feng Shui ensures that your home and office are safeguarded. Go further and do crystal healing work with these pyramids, placing them on your chakras for spiritual and worldly abundance.

  • Brown Coffee Agate generates positive vibrations

  • Dragon Stone chases away intrusive elements

  • Crocodile Jasper watches over your family

  • Mahogany Obsidian protects you at work

  • Carnelian cuts off energy vampires

Golden Gladiators

You need protection, and so does your wealth! These Golden Gladiator pyramids safeguard your safety box and money area. They prohibit negative forces and folks from sabotaging your professional life. Grow your gold with these gladiators on your team.

  • Pyrite protects your prosperity

  • Tigers Eye keeps watch over your career

  • Apache Gold clears a path toward abundance

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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Lisa Satin - July 16, 2024

Hi Kimberly!

Yes, we do have this stone available! It goes by the names Green Jasper, Crocodile Jasper, and Kambaba Jasper. Please check this link to see the stones:

Also, I apologize for the delayed response. We usually answer emails within 1 business day but blog comments sometimes get overlooked. For faster communication, you can write to us any time at

Please let me know how I can assist you further. Have a great day,

Kimberly - July 16, 2024

I search for crocodile Jasper After reading that it protects your family. But I cannot find it on your website. Maybe you can send a link by email or text message?

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