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Survive Summer Heat with Icy Rainbow Quartz Crackle Crystals

quartz crackle rainbow tower wands

A lot of people love hot summer weather, but not me. I like sweater weather. When summer comes around to spatter the sun's scorching rays, I cringe.

Did you know it can get over 125 degrees in Arizona? Not only is the temperature on the rise, so are your nerves, anger, heat-induced headaches, and electric bill.

Cooling Energy of Crackle Quartz

What weather do you like? Whether you're a fan of frost or a hound for hotness, let's all agree that we can use some cooling energy when things heat up.

There's nothing like the calming vibration and tingle of this icy cool Crackle Quartz crystal to heal your frazzled nerves in nasty summer heat. They look like towers of refreshing ice.

The rainbows reflect in so many directions, bringing positive meanings and metaphysical properties. The crystals give you the energy of relaxation and perfection. You need these to get through the summer without stress. Just gaze into these magnificent towers.

When you're feeling irritated, grab hold of your Crackle Quartz point. Gaze into it and let those annoyances fade away. Surround your room with these powerful healing crystals, and get through summer with a smile on your face.

Collect Your Crackle Quartz Crystals

These are a limited-edition Crackle Quartz Crystal Towers that you will find currently in the Satin Crystals Collection.

If the Crackle Quartz stones are sold out by the time you read our blog, you can browse our entire Calming Crystals collection to find your perfect cooling piece.


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