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It's Lisa here. I just wanted to share some exciting news with you. With over 5000 offerings up at this time, Sheila and I have made the decision to fine-tune our selection to the things we and our clients love most.

Lisa's Crystal Focus

My all-time favorite throughout the 15 years in biz have been crystal balls.  From shiny, glassy Rainbow Obsidian to the sweetest of Star Madagascar Rose Quartz, I can't resist the charm of these perfectly round and pleasing spheres. They are beautiful to gaze upon and just so satisfying to hold thanks to being in perfect symmetry. I remember the very first item I listed for auction on Ebay back in 2005- it was a white and brown Snake Jasper from India. After that I just kept listing and listing, selling and selling, until our collection expanded to what it is today. Satin Crystals brings you the best globes from around the globe, and our clients can't get enough.

My second passion is Meteorites. I have always been fascinated by aliens and deep space unknowns. I really started getting into Meteorites after moving to Hungary in 2014 and having met a fellow vendor with a great collection. From Hungary we had access to authentic Moldavite and Tektites.  I was also introduced to Libyan Glass, Gao Guenie, Muonionalusta, and other amazing specialty specimens from above and beyond.  When I began to offer them in Satin Crystals, we discovered that our clients were equally passionate toward Meteorites and they took off as a grand hit.

Keep your eyes pealed as you will be seeing an expansion of Crystal Balls and Meteorites here at Satin Crystals.

Sheila's Jewelry Focus

Sheila continues to take charge of our jewelry section, and we have some real popular winners like Bloodstone Bracelets, Pyrite Bracelets, and Selenite Necklaces that just keep flying off the shelves. She is also fine-tuning her selection to offer you just the very best from her I Dig Crystals designer line.

From then to Now

We have come a long way over the past two decades. Satin Crystals started when my Father brought home his first batch of jewelry in 2001 as he was switching careers from engineering to become a full time teacher and healer. My Dad and Mom dove into metaphysics and traveled the globe to teach Hypnotherapy and Crystal Healing.

Sheila and I couldn't resist the charm of the trade, so we began to join them by displaying our treasures at shows and conferences. A dabble into Ebay turned out to be a big success, until we eventually shifted over to Amazon and then opened our own web store.

Plus, no one can forget our San Francisco storefront days! The popular little store and healing center in Nob Hill attracted like-minded lightworkers for classes, sessions, meditations and shopping.

I am forever grateful that I found crystals, or perhaps they found me. To my family who got me here, and you- the clients- who keep me going. Thank you!

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Author: Lisa Satin

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