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Figurine Stones

Shop below for stone figurines in a variety of animal, god and skull carvings. It's easy to filter by Color, Stone and Type in the boxes below. Click "Reset" to start over. 

Animals: Connect with the power of your spirit animal when you use these crystal figurines for meditation and shamanic journeying. Benefit from the energy of your new buddy- be it the virility of the bull, cunning nature of the cat, or prosperity of the pig. 

Gods: The higher powers of these divine beings guide you toward the path of enlightenment, happiness, and universal understanding. Crystal deities and relics can be placed on your altar, mantel, or meditation space. They promote love and tolerance.

Skulls: Stone sculptors intricately carve these skulls using diamond bits on a single piece of healing crystal. They represent either the human or alien form. Use skulls for channeling, connecting with the spiritual realm, passed loved ones, and communicating with alien races. Skulls can help you overcome the fear of death. For a powerful experience, focus on a single skull surrounded by a circle of smaller skulls in a crystal healing grid.