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Ruby Kyanite Sphere Green Red Crystal Ball

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Size: 2.5-2.75 inch

This rare Ruby Kyanite sphere celebrates the spirit of abundance. Plentiful red Ruby gems sparkle in Green Kyanite, attracting prosperity and joy to your realm. When you display this eye-catching crystal ball in your home or office, it lights up the mood of all who gaze upon it. Make this rare beauty your own.

Ruby is the stone of royalty and passion, it will jolt awake the power of your soul. Kyanite cloaks your entire being in a cloud of calm, satisfying tranquility.

Your new sphere features natural and untreated Ruby Kyanite from India. It boasts red Rubies growing with green Kyanite. Polished smooth but retains natural dips, veins, and craters. Each stone is unique. Showcase your crystal on a display stand.