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Meteorite Meaning and Healing Properties

sheila of satin crystals holding up a gemmy green moldavite meteorite

This Guide shares the metaphysical healing properties of each specific Meteorite. Satin Crystals' audience of Reiki master, Meditators and Crystal Healers can now get a deeper insight into these stones from beyond.

Meteorite Definition

A meteorite is a fragment of rock originally from space that has landed on Earth's surface. To learn more about the scientific aspects of Meteorites, visit the Introduction to Meteorites Definition

Meteorite Metaphysical Meaning

Meteorite space stones channel the energy of the Universe into the palm of your hands. This helps clarify your individual life purpose in the grand scheme of things. Meteorites are exciting to touch and make fascinating conversational pieces. They are a must-have for those channeling aliens and extraterrestrial beings beyond Earth.

Meteorite Healing Properties

agoudal meteorite specimen - metaphysical healing propertiesAgoudal Healing Properties: This Iron Meteorite landed in the enchanted mountains of Morocco. It brings you the perfect combination of Space and Earth energy. Holding Agoudal will make you feel like a balanced being, happy and content in the moment. It keeps you grounded when you are feeling spacey, and lifts your vibrations if you're feeling tied to the material world. 

Bassikounou Meteorite specimen at Satin Crystals - metaphysical healing properties

Bassikounou Healing Properties: This Chondrite that landed in Africa is all about bling. Holding Bassikounou makes you feel glamorous and attractive. It attracts wealth, prosperity and abundance so you can live rich and happy. Bassikounou reminds you that the Universe is your playground, so enjoy it!

Campo Del Cielo Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals - Metaphysical Healing PropertiesCampo Del Cielo Healing Properties: This iron Meteorite found in Argentina literally translates to Field of the Sky. That's because it is a blessing from above that is full of spiritual energy. Holding Camp Del Cielo during Meditation and Reiki practices will bring you to bliss, nirvana, and enlightenment.

Chelyabinsk Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals - Metaphysical MeaningsChelyabinsk Healing PropertiesThis Chondrite that landed in Russia is associated with the constellation Pegasus, the mythical Greek stallion. It brings you the power of Pegasus, who was able to fly. Holding Chelyabinsk allows you to soar to new heights in your spiritual development, self improvement and self care.

Chergach Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals - Metaphysical Healing Meanings

Chergach Healing Properties: This Chondrite that landed in Mali was spotted by the desert nomads. It brings nomadic adventure to your life, allowing you to be bold and do things despite of your fears. Having Chergach with you will help you move to the next step, whether it is finally asking out that pretty girl, getting that promotion you've been eyeing, or getting deeper in your meditation practices.

Chondrite Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals - Healing Properties Chondrite Healing Properties: Chondrites have been around for over 4 billion years, and are the primitive grit of the Universe. Hold Chondrites to get wisdom from the Universe, the Akashic Records, the blueprint of all that was, is and will be. If you are a visionary, psychic, intuitive, or empath, you must have Chondrite Meteorites.

eucrite meteorite specimen from satin crystalsEucrite Healing Properties: Eucrite comes from the Asteroid 4 Vesta, named after the Roman Goddess Vesta. Holding Eucrite in your hand allows you to channel this divine entity of mythology. Vesta is the Goddess of Home and Hearth, hence this Meteorite from her Asteroid brings peace and tranquility to your house. Use it for energizing your space and bringing balanced Feng Shui.

Gao Guenie Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals

Gao Guenie Healing Properties: Gao Guenie rained down upon West Africa with great force: fiery, loud and proud. Hold Gao Guenie in your hand when you want to go big. Leap forward in life, make ripples in the status quo, get noticed, and be remembered for being great with the energy of this powerful Meteorite.

Gibeon Meteorite Specimen - Satin Crystals Healing StonesGibeon Healing Properties: Gibeon is over 4 billion years old. This meteorite was used by prehistoric Africans for tool making. It holds the energy of the warrior, and it keeps you protected. This extraterrestrial mineral is good to have when you channel aliens because it filters out ill-intentioned visitors.

Henbury Meteorite Specimen - Satin Crystals StonesHenbury Healing Properties: Henbury is a rare Meteorite that landed in Australia. Hold Henbury specimens to make you feel exceptional and remind you that you are a one-and-only in the Universe. It brings out the super powers of your personality, awakening the inner greatness you may have forgotten exists.

real yellow libyan desert glass specimen at satin crystals shop

Libyan Desert Glass Healing Properties: Libyan Desert Glass is an Impactite Tektite from Egypt. Hold this ancient treasure to channel the energy of gods and pharaohs. It will bring you a greater understanding of history, your ancestry and your fellow beings around the galaxy.

natural green moldavite meteorite - satin crystalsMoldavite Healing Properties: Moldavite is a green gemstone Tektite from the Czech Republic with an amazing high vibration. Popular Moldavite healing crystals are perfect for galaxy astral travels. It helps you connect with your higher self, guardian angels and master beings. This meteorite opens the Heart Chakra to bring true love from the stars above.

Muonionalusta meteorite specimen - satin crystals stones

Muonionalusta Healing Properties: This gorgeous octahedrite that landed in Scandinavia is over 4.6 billion years old. Having endured 4 ice ages, it brings power and endurance to you when you hold the meteoriote. Muonionalusta bears the answers of the cosmos within, making it great for philosophers, spiritual leaders and those wishing to expand their consciousness.

Nantan meteorite specimen at satin crystals shopNantan Healing Properties: These iron meteorites landed in China, "waving like snakes and dragons"as they fell through the sky. Nantan holds the power of the dragon, becoming a fierce protection crystal that keeps you safe during your everyday travels and special trips. 

Nordlinger Ries Crater Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals Nordlinger Ries Crater Healing Properties: This impactite of Bavaria was created when Moldavite landed and formed a depression crater on Earth. Holding Nordlinger helps to fill a void and replaces your depressed feelings with happiness, a sense of self worth and purpose. 

Ochansk Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals

Ochansk Healing Properties: This Chondrite fell like a fireball upon Russia. It is associated with the Fire Element, and will ignite your inner passions when you hold it. Ochansk helps you discover your dreams and pursue it with full force. Ochansk is a Meteorite of manifestation, law of attraction, and success.

Sericho Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals

Sericho Healing PropertiesThis stony iron Meteorite was discovered in Kenya by two brothers while looking for their camels. Sericho holds the answers for those seeking something, be it spiritually or materially. Find what you're looking for when you have Sericho by your side.  It also keeps you safe during travels around the world and etheric meditation travels.

Seymchan Meteorite Specimen at satin crystalsSeymchan Healing PropertiesThis Pallasite from Russia is stable and rust-resistant. It brings stability to your life when you hold it, calming down your inner turmoil and everyday struggles. You can become "rust-resistant" with Seymchan because it keeps you active and goal-oriented. The Meteorite blasts away procrastination, laziness and a defeatist attitude.

Sikhote-Alin Meteorite Specimen at Satin CrystalsSikhote-Alin Healing Properties: This iron Meteorite travelled through Earth and was said to be brighter than the sun as it landed in Russia. When you hold it, you will see the light. It helps you answer questions and solve problems. For those seeking enlightenment, Sikhote-Alin is a gift from the heavens that helps you on your path.

Tartak Meteorite Specimen at Satin CrystalsTartak Healing Properties: This rare Meteorite landed in Poland and was found during World War 2 during a search for military armaments. It holds the energy of the past, and can aid you in Past Life Regression or Therapy. Tartak is excellent for those wanting to learn from their past mistakes and move forward triumphantly. It also brings insight and understanding to those studying history or astronomy.

Tektite Meteorite Specimen at Satin CrystalsTektite Healing Properties: This black glassy Impactite can be found around the world in craters. It holds the energy of time and space, allowing you to travel between Earth and different realms via out-of-body experience. Tektite ties you to aliens and the supernatural. It is a must-have Meteorite for deep space lovers.

Uruaca Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals Stone Shop Uruacu Healing Properties: This rare Meteorite that landed in Brazil is very rich in minerals and rich in color. When you hold Uruaco, you discover new riches, cash and wealth entering into your life. It is the Meteorite for successful people, business people, and money oriented people.

Using Your Meteorites for Energy Healing

The above definitions are some of the ways that you can use your new Meteorites in your metaphysical healing practices. Whether you are holding the meteorites, wearing them as jewelry or displaying them in your space, remember to clean, charge and program the energies of the stones to activate their full potential.

Thank you for visiting, and keep coming back because we update this guide from time to time with new Meteorite information.


Note: All crystal healing information should be used in addition rather than as a substitute to medical treatments. Healing crystals are collectibles and entertainment items. They are not a replacement or supplement to medical care.

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