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Meteorite versus Meteoroid versus Meteor, In Simple Terms

moldavite meteorite with trailing yellow tails to look like a meteor falling to earthThere are millions of stars out there, and millions of astronomic terms used by scientists to describe the galaxy. Most of us do not understand these complex words because we are not astronomers. Yet, we still look up into space in wonder. 

You have space questions, and we have easy answers. 

What is the Difference Between A Meteorite, Meteoroid and Meteor?

Do you know the difference between a Meteorite and a Meteoroid? A Meteoroid and a Meteor? A Meteor and a Meteorite?

And a bonus Question: What is the difference between an Asteroid and a Comet?

Okay, let's keep it simple. The name to use for these space objects is dependent upon the point of journey.

The Journey goes like this:

1. Asteroids and Comets Orbit the Sun: An Asteroid is a big rock that floats in space. Most Asteroids are located in the Asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter. Comets are similar to Asteroids except they travel farther away from the sun on an elliptical orbit. When they move farther from the sun, they gather ice and are observed to have an icy tail. Asteroids and Comets have been part of our solar system for a very long time.

2. Asteroid or Comet breaks off into a Meteorite: Sometimes Asteroids or Comets crash into each other, and small pieces break off. These smaller rocks flying around in space are called Meteoroids.

3. Meteoroid enters Earth and becomes a Meteor: When a Meteoroid enters Earth's atmosphere, it begins to burn. This burning light, which is also called a Shooting Star, is a Meteor. A Meteor is a light phenomenon and not a solid substance.

4. Meteor pieces that are not burned become Meteorites: A Meteor burns off in the Earth's atmosphere, but some pieces may survive and land on Earth. These pieces that made it to the Earth's surface without vaporizing are called Meteorites.

What Space Specimen Can I Buy?

Space is so interesting. We humans want to own things that are interesting. So here comes the next set of questions. Just bear with us, there's a happy ending:

Can I buy an Asteroid or Comet?  No. It is too big and far away and humans don't own them yet. But really, who knows when we will start claiming space bodies for ownership?

Can I buy a Meteoroid? No. Like an Asteroid, we still haven't put a sale sticker on moving space boulders.

Can I buy a Meteor? No. A Meteor is the light and burning phenomenon, so you'd essentially be buying smoke.

Can I buy a Meteorite? Yes!!! Meteorites have landed on Earth in various countries, over eons. They have been around since way before the dinosaurs- some aged billions of years old and some just a few days old. We Earthlings find Meteorites and place them for sale or collect them. It is an amazing experience to hold a Meteorite and know you are touching a piece of space and history.

Where Can I buy a Meteorite? Here at Satin Crystals! We cater to people who are looking for real Meteorites, not knock offs and factory made stuff that is saturating the market today. We understand that a real Meteorite has an amazing story behind it, and we want you to be part of that.

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Have any other questions on the subject? We would love to hear your comments.

Meanwhile, start to lay claim to your galactic tokens today!


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