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Black Tektite Meteorite Pair of Real Club Wand Astral Travel Stones

  • REAL TEKTITE SPACE STONES: We gleefully present you with galactic Tektite meteorite club wands. The space stones lift your spirit beyond the material world and whisk you upon a cosmic journey of self-discovery. The black extraterrestrial Meteorite is exactly what you need to infuse mystery and excitement into the daily grind. The elite pieces can be displayed in any room as the prize of your collection.

  • OUTER SPACE TO EARTH: This pair of gemstone club wands is made from authentic Tektite Meteorite of China. They are black with natural minerals and takes on mini club or massage wand forms. Tektites are gravel-size bodies composed of natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during extraterrestrial impacts.

  • CHANNELS UNIVERSAL ENERGY: Meteorite space stones channel the energy of the universe into the palm of your hands. This helps clarify your individual life purpose in the grand scheme of things. They are exciting to touch and make fascinating conversational pieces.

  • EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION: This is a limited edition Satin Crystals gemstone pair. You receive one unique set from an elite, hand-selected collection.


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