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Gao-Guenie Meteorite Secrets of Space Natural Chondrite

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  • Add this Gao-Guenie to your collection of amazing, extraterrestrial trinkets. It is a phenomenal space stone that shows you the secrets of the cosmos. You can place it on your chakra for extraordinary visions and intuitive insight. Feel the universe vibrate your soul with this Gao-Guenie meteorite treasure.

    Positive Affirmation: "I see the many realms of existence"
    Intentions: Grounding Crystal
    Chakra Healing: Root Chakra


    Your new meteorite is a natural piece of Gao-Guenie. It is a dark brown, rocky meteorite with rusty iron inclusions. Each piece is unique.

    This is an H5 chondrite that fell on Burkina Fao, West Africa on March 5, 1960. The fall was composed of a large number of fragments and it is one of the largest observed meteorite showers in Africa to date. After three separate detonations, several thousands of stones rained down over an area of about 70 square kilometers. The sound of the fall was heard as far as Ouagadougou, which is 100 kilometers away. Eyewitnesses said that trees were broken and hen houses destroyed. The largest stones recovered weigh up to 10 kilograms.  

    Meteorites are measured from the longest length, tip to tip.

    Origin: West Africa
    Treatment: Natural, Untreated 


    Gao-Guenie rained down upon West Africa with great force: fiery, loud, and proud. Hold Gao-Guenie in your hand when you want to go big. Leap forward in life, make ripples in the status quo, get noticed, and be remembered for being great with the energy of this powerful meteorite. Learn more about What are Meteorites?


    -You want to connect with the cosmic greatness
    -You enjoy meditation, metaphysics, and philosophy
    -You need a mental break from the drama on Earth

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Ask a Question
  • How is the Gao-Guenie Meteorite Third Eye Secrets of Space Natural Chondrite different from the NWA L Chondrite Meteorite Manifestation Energy Asteroid Belt Rock?

    Hi Carrie,

    Gao-Guenie comes exactly from one place and one meteoric event (This is an H5 chondrite that fell on Burkina Fao, West Africa on March 5, 1960.) Any Meteorite with the name Gao-Guenie comes from that exact occurrence.

    NWA Chondrites are from North West Africa but their exact origin point is unknown. It is known that they are Chondrite types of meteorites that fell somewhere along North West Africa, but exactly where and exactly when cannot be pinpointed.

    Hope that helps! 

    Lisa Satin

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