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Jade Egg Jewel of Luck Fortune Money Power Green Crystal Stone

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Transform your misfortunes to great luck with this glossy green Jade egg. Hold the vivid and attractive piece in your hand to receive abundance, prosperity, and joy. Jade has long been cherished for its power of healing and positive energy. It benefits your manifestation meditations and to gain good karma. The new and shiny egg is also delightful to the eye when on display in your home or office.


Your egg is approximately 3.5 x 2.6 inches. It weighs 1 pound 1 ounce.


If one or more of these qualities resonate with you, this stone can benefit your life:

  • You wish to attract abundance of all kinds
  • You want to remember, understand, and learn from your dreams
  • You prefer an open heart chakra to a blocked one
  • You prefer natural, one-of-a-kind gems over fakes manufactured copies
  • You are embarking on a new chapter in one or more areas of your life


Jade is the stone of abundance, fortune, and luck. It helps you to achieve all that you desire. Feel lucky and relieve stress when you have Jade by your side. Jade brings excellent healing powers, especially for the heart chakra. It is a dream clarifier; placing Jade near your bed will help you remember and understand dreams better.

  • Positive Affirmation: "I am healthy, wealthy, and happy"
  • Intentions: Abundance Stones
  • Chakra Healing: Heart Chakra


The optimal place for your transformational egg depends on what energy you are focusing on at the moment: 

  • Financial Prosperity: Office or money area
  • Good Fortune: Living room 
  • Heart Chakra healing: Meditation room
  • New Beginnings: Living room
  • Aesthetics: Near a window or light to showcase its beauty


This egg comes from enchanted Afghanistan. It has been hand-inspected and selected for beauty, quality, and energy by Lisa Satin. Natural lines, dips, grooves, and quirks are an essential indicator that your gemstone is genuine from the Earth and not a factory-made imposter.

Both Jadeite and Nephrite Jades are metamorphic rocks made up of tiny interlocking mineral crystals. These interlocking crystals make both gems exceptionally tough. 


What came first, the chicken or the crystal egg? Crystals have been around for thousands, millions, even billions of years. Crystal Eggs draw us in because they remind us of the mysteries and miracles of life, new births, and new beginnings. Some popular uses include:

  • Festive Easter Collectibles
  • Acupressure and Massage
  • Positive Feng Shui
  • Starting New Ventures


Eggs represent new beginnings. We all know that eggs bring life through birth. Just look at the divine, innocent, and adorable baby chick that hatches from its cozy shell to join us on Earth. If you are looking for a fresh new start, crystal eggs are perfect for you. 


1. You get the best in beauty, quality, and authenticity because Sheila & Lisa Satin handpick and inspect every stone to meet high standards.

2. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. It is our goal to deliver the perfect pieces you deserve. If something's not right please contact us so we can fix it, replace it, or refund it fuss-free.

3. We are a boutique, not a big box corporation. That means we are always here to provide you with friendly and personal service.


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Thank you for your positive energy at Satin Crystals!

Disclaimer: Crystal healing information is for fun and entertainment only. It is not a replacement for medical treatments.


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