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Labradorite Dragon Turtle XL Auspicious Carved Gemstone Feng Shui

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In the mystical cave of the metaphysical world lives the Labradorite Dragon Turtle. This magnificent creatures sparks the light in your eye and the love in your heart. Embrace this majestic carving into your healing space and watch it glow with abundance.


Can you relate to one or more of these qualities? If so, this carving is for you:

  • You seek prosperous energies
  • You appreciate fine gemstone carvings
  • Your third eye chakra could use opening
  • You are attracted to the brilliant sheen of Labradorite
  • You love symbolic showpieces


      Ride the mystical wave of Labradorite and find your True Self. Deep within your ego and outward appearance lies your Higher Self. With the help of Labradorite, you can unite this metaphysical self with your physical being. Activating the Third Eye chakra, this crystal helps to connect you with your intuition and the universe of unlimited possibilities.

      • Positive Affirmation: "I open up your world of wealth"
      • Primary Chakra: Third Eye Chakra
      • Intentions: Protection Crystals
      • Birthstone: Horoscope Zodiac signs Capricorn, Leo


          The Dragon symbolizes a strong male yang energy. Associated with Emperors, wearing the Dragon crystal represents power and majesty. In Feng Shui, Dragon carving crystals can be placed in the Fame area of your home or home office to connect with fame, reputation and career. 

          Turtle figurines represent the ability to stay grounded even in chaos. They remind us to slow down, pace ourselves and follow our life's path in peace. Turtles are associated with yin or feminine energies of calm harmony. 

          Together, the Dragon Turtle is a celestial being from Chinese legend. Dragon turtle carvings represent prosperity, success, power, longevity, determination, good luck, and courage. Place the mythical creature in your space for positive Feng Shui energy. 


          Your new dragon turtle is carved from authentic Labradorite. This is a deceptively gray stone showing brilliant rainbow sheen in the right light. The sold piece of gemstone is carefully polished and carved into a dragon turtle sitting on an auspicious pile of coins. 

          Measures: 9 x 6 x 5 inches

          Weighs: 8.4 pounds


          Gemstone: Labradorite

          Colors: Greenish-Gray with sheen

          Size: 9 x 6 x 5 inches

          Shape: Animal 

          Treatment: Natural, Untreated 

          Hardness: 6-6.5

          *Due to the organic nature of the stone, you may see natural inclusions, veins, dips, craters, and variations of color. 


          • All gemstones should be handled with care. They are subject to fractures upon hard impacts.
          • Place felt or a protective coaster under the stone to prevent scratching your display surface.
          • For energy cleaning, charging and programming, visit Crystal Care


          1. You get the best in beauty, quality, and authenticity because Sheila & Lisa Satin handpick and inspect every stone to meet high standards.

          2. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. It is our goal to deliver the perfect pieces you deserve. If something's not right please contact us so we can fix it, replace it, or refund it fuss-free.

          3. We are a boutique, not a big box corporation. That means we are always here to provide you with friendly and personal service.


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          Disclaimer: Crystal healing information is for fun and entertainment only. It is not a replacement for medical treatments.



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