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Lapis Egg Meditation Vision Stone Blue Royal Afghan Crystal

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  • Your exciting new Lapis Lazuli egg takes you on a magical adventure to the mystical Far East. Tune into the energy of the Ancients when you hold the bright blue treasure in your hands. It is one of the most powerful stones for spiritual exploration, cherished over the ages and across civilizations. The smooth gemstone treasure fits perfectly in your palm. 

    Positive Affirmation: "I envision new beginnings"
    Intentions: Meditation Stones
    PrimaryChakra: Third Eye Chakra


    Afghan Royal is your top-of-the-line best Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan that boasts striking royal blue tones and bold brushes of Pyrite. Forget about the fake and faded stones, this is the real deal, the cream of the crop, the best of the best. Afghan Royal Lapis is sourced from the enchanted, mineral-rich desert of the Far East and holds beauty befitting the Sultans. Each piece has a unique and different design that will keep you entranced.

    Stone Origin: Afghanistan
    Stone Treatment:
     Natural, Untreated 

    Each stone is unique in its colors, inclusions, shape, divots, and veins. 

    Don't let it roll away, Add a display stand.


    Lapis awakens the true mystic within you. It is the stone of Total Awareness, jolting alive your intuitive and psychic senses by activating the Third Eye Chakra. Lapis is a must-have crystal for those developing their spirituality, expanding consciousness, and engaging in holistic adventures like meditation, shamanic journeying, Reiki, and astral travel. Learn more in What is Lapis?


    -You are or want to be intuitive, psychic, or clairvoyant
    -You are embarking on a new journey in your life
    -Opening the Third Eye chakra sounds fantastic

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        What came first, the chicken or the crystal egg? Crystals have been around for thousands, millions, and even billions of years. Crystal Eggs draw us in because they remind us of the mysteries and miracles of life, new births, and new beginnings. Learn more about Using Crystal Eggs


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      Ask a Question
      • Dear Lisa, The lapis egg arrived safe and like all my purchases I love it.However,I need a stand for it.I'll be happy to pay for a stand if you have one. Thanks Jacob

        Hi Jacob, Great to hear! We currently have these set of 3 wood stands. I would recommend the smallest available, which is size 1.6 inches. That should work for some of the eggs and spheres you have gotten.
        Let me know if you like it, and you can order on the site if so. 
        Thank you, Lisa Satin

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