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Libyan Desert Glass Meteorite Sun Star Sand Trinity Stone

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  • RARE DEEP SPACE METEORITE ROCK: This extraordinary extra-terrestrial gemstone is Libyan Desert Glass. Your rare, attractive collector's piece takes you on a journey through time, space, and spiritual dimensions. It is unbelievably powerful as a meditation and astral travel tool. When held in hand, it guides you on experiences that expand the mind and consciousness. Jewelry artisans can also transform it into a pendant or pin that will catch the eye of all who pass by.

  • TWENTY-SIX MILLION YEARS OLD: Your prized gem is sourced from Gilf Kebir, Egypt. It was formed from a meteor that hit the Libyan region 26,000,000 years ago. Libyan Desert Glass has a glassy texture and often shows rocky minerals trapped eternally within. Get yours today before Libyan Desert Glass becomes fully excavated and forever unavailable.

  • CHANNELS UNIVERSAL ENERGY: Meteorite space stones channel the energy of the universe into the palm of your hands. This helps clarify your individual life purpose in the grand scheme of things. They are exciting to touch and make fascinating conversational pieces.

  • ZERO GRAVITY DISPLAY BOX: Feel happy knowing that your gem comes in an attractive, secure Satin Crystals case. The exquisite and upscale black leatherette suspension box makes your treasure appear as though floating in zero gravity. This collectible displays tastefully in your home or office or can be presented as an extraordinary gift to someone special.

  • SIZE: This one of a kind gem measures 1.7 x 1.7 x 0.6 inch and weighs 14 grams. You receive the exact piece seen in the pictures.


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  • Pardon me but I do not see the weights in grams of these LDG, I only buy them If I know all the weights. I would be sad if I paid $200 for something that was less than 30 grams.

    Hi Bruno. Thanks for your inquiry. At the very bottom of the listing, you will see the weight for this piece, which is 14 grams. 
    It would not meet your criteria for being over 30 grams. We do wish you luck on your search!
    -Lisa Satin

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