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Libyan Desert Glass Pendant 1.7" Real Meteorite Gem Antiqued Brass Fancy Drop Cage B01

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  • Capture the high vibrations of authentic Libyan Desert Glass in your new treasure chest pendant. This is a genuine Libyan Desert Glass gemstone in its raw formation, secured in an antiqued brass cage charm with cutout design and safety clasp.

  • In crystal healing, Meteorites and space stones bring the energy of the Universe to the palm of your hands. Excellent for those working with space exploration, UFO communication, astral travel, and expanding of consciousness.

  • The unique Libyan Glass piece is from a meteorite that fell 26 million years ago, found in Gilf Kebir, Egypt. It has a glassy texture yet is rugged and raw.

  • Due to the natural state of the stone, each stone will be unique in color, shape and inclusions. You will receive one pendant per order, each will vary slightly from the pictures. 

  • Pendant: 1.7 x 0.8 inches (bail opening: 5mm)

  • Meteorite: 25-30mm, 0.5-0.8 grams (varies)


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  • I am interested in buying the Libyan Gold Tektite/ Desert Glass Meteorite Pendant Boutique Steampunk Antiqued Brass Fancy Drop Cage Real Yellow Stone B01 priced at $85... I was wondering if you are able to ship it in Montreal Canada and how much will the shipping cost be. Thank you.

    Good Morning! Thank you for your email. We do offer international shipping, but only via Priority Mail for faster service and security. The cost of this item to Montreal Canada would be $26 in a Priority envelope. Another consideration is that the item is currently stored in the Amazon warehouses, so we would first need to recall the item back to Satin Crystals and then ship it on to you, which could add a 10 day additional handling time for international shipping. If the above sounds like something you would be interested in, please let me know. If you did decide to purchase the Libyan Glass pendant, you could also add additional purchases in the same envelope for no additional shipping cost as long as it fit in the envelepe. Have a great Sunday, Sheila :)

  • Hello. I placed an order for the Meteorite Libyan Desert Glass pendant. As I am new to this sort of meteorite specimen ...could you provide some information on the price point for it? It is much higher than market prices for meteorites from the same region so I thought it best for my learning curve to inquire further. Many thanks for your time.

    Thank you for your inquiry. Just like our gemstones, the prices for our meteorites are based on size, weight, and most importantly is quality. As for the Libyan glass, there are some pieces that are more cloudy or rugged, which may go lower than a piece like this that boasts more clarity. I can vouch for the authenticity of our stones, as I hand pick the meteorites myself. However, I cannot vouch for other vendors, and when it comes to tektites (glass stones like Libyan or even more common is Moldavite), there are a LOT of fakes coming from China. Our pieces are from a reputable source in Europe, where I go to select them. We do have a lot more information on meteorites on our web tutorial: Intro to Meteorites. If you have any further questions, please contact us again. Thank you, Lisa Satin.