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Moldavite Pendant Genuine Green Meteorite Gemstone Fancy Globe Cage

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  • Capture the high vibrations of green Moldavite in your new pendant. Wear this treasure chest on your favorite chain or choker and feel the out-of-this-world energies of genuine meteorites.

  • This is a real translucent green Moldavite gemstone in its raw formation. The Moldavite stone is secured in a round, antiqued-brass cage charm with cutout design. The pendant is secured with a latch. 

  • Bonus: Add strips of essential oils or written manifestations in your treasure chest pendant.

  • In crystal healing, Moldavite holds a high frequency, combining the energies of earth and the extraterrestrial.

  • Pendant Measures: 1.1 x 0.7 inches (bail opening: 5mm).

  • Moldavite Measures: approximately 10-14mm, 0.3-0.5 grams. Each organic Moldavite will vary in its color, shape, and inclusions.

  • Ready to gift in a signature jewelry box.


Ask a Question
  • hello is there anyway you can provide a description of this item and where its from. This is a gift and the person receiving it is particular about descriptions. I love the product but I do know there are a lot of fake gemstones out there and would like some type of authenticity.

    Thank you for the inquiry about this Moldavite pendant. Moldavite is one of our top sellers, as our customers have come to know that we only provide the real thing and hand pick them directly from Central Europe. We have phased out of paper descriptions to reduce packaging and have found that customers prefer online information. Our products are packaged and ready to go, so we cannot add paper descriptions at this time.  However, we have great refereces regarding Moldavite, including a meteorite informational page and a video about Moldavite. 

    The reference can be found Here: Intro to Meteorites

    Our video is featured here: Moldavite Video

    Please refer your friend to these resources, or you can contact us privately at to provide her email address, and we can email the links to her as well as a description of the pendant that has been purchased. Thank you! -Lisa Satin