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Free USA shipping for orders over $55.

Moldavite Tektite Call of Karma Slim Slice Real Green Gemstone

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$50.00 - $340.00
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  • Karma is calling, and it wants you to experience the power of real Moldavite. It's written in the stars that your life could use a cosmic shift. This Moldavite of meteoric origin ignites your soul evolution. What will the universe deliver? Take a chance on Call of Karma Moldavite and fulfill your fate because good things await.

    Positive Affirmation: "Karma is calling, and I answer"
    Intentions: Meditation stone
    Primary Chakra: Heart chakra


    "Call of Karma" Moldavite is a unique piece of genuine gemstone that we pick for you. Call of Karma Moldavite comes in various shapes: we intuitively select a slim, sleek, impressive slice of Tektite for you. Colors vary from light to dark green, and the shape is totally random. 

    Moldavites are measured from the longest length, tip to tip. Varies between 1mm to 5mm thick. 

    Moldavite Origin: Czech Republic
    Moldavite Treatment: Natural, Untreated 

    Your gemstone arrives in a zero-gravity display case. 


    Moldavite is a highly cherished green gemstone Tektite from the Czech Republic with an amazing spiritual vibration. Moldavite healing crystals are perfect for astral traveling the galaxy. It helps you connect with your higher self, guardian angels, and master beings. Moldavite opens your Heart chakra to bring true love from the stars above. Learn more in What is Moldavite?


    -You want spiritual knowledge and wisdom
    -You are seeking real and genuine Moldavite
    -You believe destiny is both written in the stars and self-created

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    Hi, Lisa Satin here! Yes, your Moldavite is real. Fake Moldavite is upsetting. That's why we only offer you real Moldavite from the Czech Republic. For more information, visit your Real vs Fake Moldavite Tutorial


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    1. You get beauty, quality, and authenticity with Satin Crystals. Sheila, Lisa, and Ann pick each stone to meet high standards.

    2. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If something's not right, please contact us so we can resolve your issue fuss-free.

    3. You are given friendly personalized service. We are a boutique, not a big-box corporation.


    You may post any questions, comments, or stories about this product in the box below. You may also reach us via the Contact page.

    Thank you for your positive energy at Satin Crystals!

    Disclaimer: Crystal healing information is for fun and entertainment only. It is not a replacement for medical treatments.


Ask a Question
  • i got my moldavite but haven’t had a chance to work with it yet. If I have any questions am I free to ask in the future? Thanks again, talk to you soon.

    Hi Jack, of course, you are welcome to write to us anytime regarding your crystal questions! Looking forward to hearing from you, Sheila Satin

  • do you examine Moldavite for others people?

    Hi James,
    Thanks for writing. I'm not clear on what you are asking.
    We do examine and approve each Moldavite piece that we sell from our store, so they are real: 
    If you are asking that we examine a Moldavite brought from another store, no we do not do that. However, you can check this page for information on how to load it to another website and they can help you via photos. Otherwise, you would need to send it to a gemologist or a lab.
    Hope that helps :)
    Lisa Satin

  • Hi I'm interested in this product but I'm in New Zealand do you have a much cheaper post option at all as it's extremely expensive for New Zealand. I'm in no rush to receive it 🙏

    Hi, thanks for your interest in this Moldavite. We use DHL express for international orders as they are fast, reliable, and includes insurance for your orders. However, we can try a cheaper option with the US Postal Service. We would not be able to take reponsiblity if it does not reach you though. In the past we have had trouble with the Postal Service reaching customers internationally. If you would like to take the chance, we are open to sending your Moldavite this way. Please contact us at with your mailing address and we will check the price for you. Alternately, if you have any other shipping company ideas, let us know. You may also look into "shipping forwarding companies" to your country as referred to in our shipping policy page:

    Sheila Satin

  • Though, no 2 are alike. Is there a range of weight or dimensions of the pendant will I receive? How small it could be or how big? Is pricing based on gram weight?

    Thank you for writing to us about the real Moldavite. If you look at the listing, there is a drop-down menu and you can choose your dimension in millimeters. 
    We do not sell these pieces by weight but by height. The ones in this Call of Kharma listing are thin and the width will vary piece to piece. If you know what size you're interested in, please write to us and we'll do our best to find more details.
    If you're looking for a plump piece, check out our Cosmic Pick listing:
    Sincerely,  Lisa Satin

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