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Obsidian Spiderweb Egg Blue Dream Weaver Protection Stone

  • SPIDERWEB OBSIDIAN EGG: It's time to clear out the cobwebs that have been blocking you chakras and cluttering up your life. Blue Spiderweb Obsidian is your gorgeous guardian stone that is both protective and motivational. When you hold it for meditation, you'll get caught up in the web of designs that relax and inspire your mind. This unique stone makes an eye-catching feng shui treasure for your spaces.

  • OBSIDIAN MEANING: Obsidian is the number one crystal to protect you from outside negative forces. The draining energy of complaining coworkers, customers, strangers, and even family members are reflected off the stone, keeping your aura safe from a negative onslaught. Obsidian is a must-have for healers in their practice so that the baggage of clients are not passed on to the therapist. Obsidian helps you deal with emotional and physical pain.

  • ORIGIN, CHAKRA HEALING & AFFIRMATION: Your unique Spiderweb Obsidian comes from the volcanoes of Mexico. It opens up your Throat and Third Eye Chakras while keeping your Root Chakra grounded. The affirmation for this stone is "I weave dreams and catch them too."

  • EGGS SYMBOLIZE NEW BEGINNINGS: Eggs bring you new beginnings, second chances, and rebirth. Crystal eggs remind you that each day is a fresh new opportunity at life and success. They help you to let go of past traumas and worries so that you can focus on the moment and manifest a hopeful future.

  • 100% HAPPINESS: Why choose Satin Crystals? Simple. We only send you the best, hand-picked treasures. We don't sling out random rocks like the rest.


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