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Tigers Eye Merkaba Sacred Star Success Golden Brown Gemstone

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  • Feel like a tiger superstar when you work with this glistening Tigers Eye Merkaba. Your stone of ultimate championship vibrates with lots of energy and manifestation motivation. Get pumped up and reach for the cosmos in everything you do. You're alive and winning with your Tigers Eye Merkaba beside you.

    Positive Affirmation: "I am a tiger superstar"
    Intentions: Confidence Crystals
    Primary Chakra: Root Chakra 


    This sacred Merkaba crystal is made from genuine golden brown Tiger's Eye gemstone with a dark brown tone and chatoyant flash features. The finely carved stone is polished, yet contains natural grooves along the surface and edges, giving it a slightly rocky look.

    Merkabas as measured by width. 

    Stone Treatment: Natural, Untreated 

    Each stone is unique in its colors, inclusions, shape, divots, and veins.


    Rich like the brown soil beneath you, Golden Tigers Eye brews with earthy energies. Rooted in the core of the Earth, this stone is known for its grounding nature. Helping you connect back to your primal source, Tigers Eye is the relief you need in a technology-filled day. Take a break from the manmade and return your soul to Nature with this bohemian gemstone. Learn more in What is Tigers Eye?


    -You want to work with sacred geometry
    -You are seeking a balance of body, mind, spirit
    -You are attracted to handsome Tigers Eye

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      Merkabas are sacred geometrical shapes with high vibration. They represent the body, mind, and spirit in perfect harmony. Merkabas can be used for meditation, crystal layouts, crystal grids, mandalas, and cleansing of your space. 


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    Ask a Question
    • Dear Lisa, I noticed that you have a few crystals in the the merkaba shape? How do you use them for crystal healing compared to tumbled stones, jewelry (pendants/rings/earrings) and wands? How are they similar/different to other shapes like sculpture animals?

      Hi Jordan, Sacred Geometry such as Merkabas is most often associated with spiritual and astral pursuits. The Merkaba represents harmony between light, body, and spirit. When we did classes and sessions in the past, we most often used Merkaba for connecting with the Higher Self, Astral Travel, and meditations associated with spirituality.
      As for tumbled stones, those are most popular for carrying, layouts, grids, elixirs, and more. This article explains it best: 
      Wands depend on what type of wand. We have massage wands, which you can literally use to massage the body. We have tower wands that can be stood up in your room for positive feng shui etc. Let me know what type of want you'd like information on and then I can expand.
      Animal figures are associated with protection, as your spirit guardian. They also have individual meanings depending on the animal. See this article:
      Jewelry of course is best for wearing, so you get the energy of the stone on you all day long.
      I hope that the summary helps. If you have more specific inquiries, we'll be glad to answer!
      Lisa Satin

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