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Crystals for July's Buck Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

sheila of satin crystals holding white moonstone in front of a full moon pictureA lunar eclipse is near, and you can't miss it! The Buck Full Moon of July brings you meaning and value even through turbulent times.

This special event is just what you need to renew your spirits and charge forth into the summer as a stronger and wiser soul.

What is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse?

Once a month, the moon shines proudly as a full white circle in the sky. Sometimes, it is obstructed and a shadow is formed. This is known as an eclipse.

To learn in detail about a full moon, lunar eclipse, and their meanings, visit the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moons page. 

When is the Buck Full Moon Lunar Eclipse?

The Buck Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happens on July 4th and 5th, 2020. The exact times and dates depend on where you are located in the world. To find out the start time, peek time, and end time of the eclipse according to your region, check the Lunar Time and Date website.

The website will also tell you if you can see the eclipse from your region, or not.

Whether or not you can see the Buck Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this year, the energy will penetrate across Earth and your gemstones will be vibrating at a phenomenal rate. You will definitely want to charge your healing crystals in the windowsill or garden.

What is the spiritual meaning of the Buck Moon?

The July Full Moon is called the Buck Full Moon. A buck is a male deer. Around this time of year, the antlers of the buck just begin to emerge from its forehead. The buck sheds its antlers every year and a new one grows to replace it.

Other names for the July Full Moon are Thunder Moon, Hay Moon, and Wort Moon. They represent the thunderstorms of the month, the harvesting of hay, and the traditional gathering of Wort herbs.

Spiritually, this full moon lunar eclipse represents a new growth for your soul that is to emerge through the tumultuous and thunderous weather. 

2020 has been a constant rainstorm for the world at large, and we have all gotten drenched. Have you found the lessons you were meant to overcome during these trying times? If not, the meaning will come to light at the Buck Moon.

As a new beginning and a new chapter of your life emerges through the thunderstorm, you find fresh energy to move forward. If you were feeling bogged down by the weight of the rain, the time for healing has come. Take comfort in natural healing methods like herbs and crystals through the month of July.

The Buck Moon is not about an end to the chaos, it is about seeking health and wisdom despite the chaos.

What are lunar eclipse crystals?

There are three major crystals that line up with the lunar eclipse. These are Moonstone, Selenite, and Labradorite. Their magical and luminous energies infuse you with a greater connection to your astrological purpose.

Use these three crystals for all moon events. They will thrive when you energetically clean and charge the stones under the lunar eclipse.

Visit the Moon Crystal Collection to find the pieces that speak to your intuition.


Crystal for the July 4-5 Lunar Eclipse

Along with your traditional Moon crystals, there is one specific crystal that you should use with the Buck Moon Lunar Eclipse of July 4-5, 2020. 

The recommended crystal is...Jasper

red jasper spheregreen kambaba jasper sphereyellow jasper sphere

While moon crystals are luminous and spiritual stones that reverberate with the energy of the celestial bodies, Jasper is an earthy crystal that is grounding and connects you to nature. It is exactly what you need during the Buck Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Deer, haystacks, and herbs are all bounties of nature, as are Jasper gemstones. Use Jasper during this eclipse to find your worldly purpose in the "new normal".

Meditate on Jasper to discover the larger meaning of the chaos that surrounds you. Embrace the challenges of the moment so that you can grow from them rather than drown in them. 

Your Lunar Connection

Are you ready to take on the challenges of the Buck Moon? Have you used healing crystals that correspond with the lunar eclipse before? Are you fascinating with the movements of the sky?

We are happy to answer any questions or hear your crystal comments, jot them down below, or contact us directly anytime. 

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