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I'm lazy and I need Labradorite. Like laser beams of motivation, may Labradorite's energies blast away my lethargic cells.

Labradorite for Laziness I Satin Crystals Blog

Labradorite is a deceptively gray stone revealing its rainbow flashes in the right light. It is like a spark of excitement in an otherwise gray world. See its labradorescence fascinate the senses, awaken curiosity and pull you back into the world where creativity dances along the dew drops of green grass.

Labradorite is used by all sorts of people seeking motivation. The athlete wears Labradorite to motivate them to train. The student wears Labradorite to motivate them to study. The musician wears Labradorite to motivate them to practice. I wear Labradorite to motivate me to create.

It is too bad that I discovered the motivating powers of Labradorite well after my teenage years. I was much more lazy then. These days I will rarely find myself in a rut, but when I do, I study Labradorite's brightest sheen, let the laziness pass and rejoin the productive world with newfound wonder!

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