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Jurassic Park Journey with Fossils and Meteorites

orthoceras fossil slab for jurassic park meditation & astral travel

We all know the classic movie hit that never dies, Jurassic Park. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could actually go back in time and view all of those giant dinosaurs? Unfortunately, we cannot...yet.

Let's do the next best thing and engage in some out-of-body experiences. We can "visit" Jurassic Park through meditation and shamanic journeying.

Here are the steps for astral traveling back in time:

1. Pick a Stone to Serve as your Spirit Guide

The past is right within your reach. First, pick a stone to serve as your spirit guide.

When you pick a Satin Crystals ancient relic to hold in your hand, you are actually holding a piece of history that is as old as the dinosaurs, and many even older. For your journey into the past, we recommend:

AMBER: As we saw in the movie, Jurassic Park was founded thanks to a mosquito trapped in Amber. This brilliant mineral is made from tree resin that has fossilized over the ages. Many of these gemstone pieces house fossilized bugs, plants, and other debris that will remain forever encapsulated within.

FOSSILS: What better way to connect with past inhabitants than literally holding onto their fossils? Grab yourself the ancient remains of Orthoceras, Trilobite, or 400 Million year old Ammonite. Do you really want to channel a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Buy Coprolite for the best results. What is Coprolite? Actual Dinosaur Dung. Poo. Poop. Poopoo. Khaki. Turd. Feces. Believe it or not, Coprolite is one of our top selling fossils.

METEORITES: If you thought Fossils were old, wait until you get yourself a Satin Crystals Meteorite. Some specimens like Muonionalusta are 4.6 billion years old. They are actually much older, because they were orbiting the solar system eons before making it to Earth. Prehistoric Gibeon is another excellent choice.

Fossil, Meteorites and Amber for Meditation and Visualization for Jurassic Park journeys

2. Find Yourself a Comfortable Place for Meditation and Visualization

Set the tone for your shamanic journey by finding a relaxing and quiet place. This can be inside the home or out in a peaceful garden setting. Anywhere that will allow you to let go of today's stress and worries is just about perfect.

3. Focus on your Fossils and Meteorites

Weather you choose to meditate with Amber, Fossils, Meteorites or a combination of many stones, the next step is to focus and gaze into the chosen gem.

Let go of your thoughts and worries, and let your new stone be your guide back into time. Breathe deep and imagine your energy body floating to a time gone by.

The more and more you let go of your controlling thoughts, the easier it is to let your stones take you back to Jurassic Park and the Age of Dinosaurs.

4. Observe, Explore, Have Fun

We usually associate meditation with serious self discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Well, guess what? Meditation and visualization can be a fun and relaxing way to shift out of this reality and expand your creative imagination.

Jurassic Park Journeying can help you do just that. Get out there and have fun! 

What did you see?

Have you astral traveled back in time before? Do you use meditation for fun journeys? What are your favorite stones for visualization? 

We'd love to hear your answers in the comments!

Here are some additional resources for your jurassic journeys: 

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