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Stay Focused with Fluorite

Stay Focused with Fluorite I Satin Crystals Healing Blog

Focus on the Positive

My friend texted me the other day asking me what she should do if the opposing candidate won the presidential election. This was obviously before the election results, but I had the same advice for her then as I do now: stay focused on the positive.

Sometimes it's hard for us to stay on track in our chaotic mind, which is why I like to use a physical reminder by implementing healing crystals for the task. Why not stay focused with Fluorite? Fluorite is a translucent stone most often found in bands of purple, green and yellow but can show up in deep blues, whites and browns. It is polished into all kinds of shapes for crystal healing. For focus at work, I tell people to place a Fluorite pyramid on their desk. For focus in studies, I recommend a Fluorite tower near your books. For focus on confidence, I suggest Fluorite worry stone slabs which can be used in stressful times in the palm of your hands.

Stay Focused with Fluorite I Satin Crystals Healing Blog

Focus on the Target

Fluorite's focused energies really hit home with me once I got into archery. I have never had interest in a game of concentration before, but somehow this sport got me! Focus really allows me to excel in the shooting range. Some people like to focus their energies on meditation, balance poses or the injustices of the world. I like to focus my energy on the bulls-eye. Dropping the chatter from my head and allowing me to be centered and in line with Fluorite's energies, I tell as soon as I let go of my arrow if my mind has wandered too far from the center.

Stay Focused with Fluorite I Satin Crystals Healing Blog

Fluorite's Focusing Energy

Life worth living is created from acts of love. We are bombarded every day with negative, heart wrenching, unwanted news. Instead of adding our own unwanted energies in to the world like my friend was doing by focusing her time on posting anti-candidate rhetoric, fill the time with love, peace and the pursuit of happiness. For each unwanted post you come by, focus on the little things that are right with the world, and if so inclined spread the joy through positive posts, emails, articles and in-person gratitude. If you need help focusing on things that make you feel refreshed, pick up a Fluorite crystal and program it for the ability to center your mind.

As for my friend, she thanked me for my advice and went on merrily asking me about my day.

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