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Free USA shipping for orders $50+

Stellar Deals on Mini Moldavite

hand holding three green raw moldavite in a suspension display caseYou want Moldavite that crushes physical boundaries and sends your soul rocketing to new dimensions. But, you don't want Moldavite that crushes your wallet due to skyrocketing prices.

What should you do?

We get it! That's why we just launched the perfect solution at Satin Crystals: Mini Martian Moldavites. Get yours now because they are traveling out of our studio faster than a shooting star.

What is Mini Martian Moldavite?

Would you like to own alien green Moldavite? Mini Martian Moldavites are little slices of space that come with big bang powers. These tiny treasures are the perfect size for personal healing, carrying on the go, jewelry making, or as collectibles that you can show off right from the zero-gravity display case. Get your Mini Martian Moldavite now- it's rare, real, and irresistible. 

Mini Martian Moldavites are darling little gemstones of real Green Tektite from the Czech Republic. The pint-sized pieces measure 10mm and up. They are budget-friendly and pack a cosmic punch.

Mini Martian Moldavites come in many different shapes and can vary from light to dark green. Sheila, Lisa, or Ann Satin will draw a Moldavite that was meant just for you. 

What's the Big Deal with Moldavite?

Are you asking this figuratively or literally? We'll answer both ways.

Moldavite is a highly cherished green gemstone Tektite from the Czech Republic with an amazing spiritual vibration. Moldavite healing crystal is perfect for astral traveling the galaxy. It helps you connect with your higher self, guardian angels, and master beings. This Tektite opens your Heart chakra to bring true love from the stars above.

Your prized gemstone is from the Czech Republic - the only country on earth that has real Moldavite. This cosmic treasure originated from a specific meteor impact that took place 14.7 million years ago.

What's the Big Deal with my Mini Martian Moldavite?

And now for the literal answer. Mini Martian Moldavites start at a low price point, just $45 for a single! Upgrade to a double or triple for even more of a bargain!

Is that a good deal?

Yes! Daily, people are writing us asking how to tell if Moldavite is fake or real, or sending us pictures wondering if theirs is real. Sad to say, most of the Moldavite out there is fake.

Moldavite is easy to replicate because it's a form of glass. However, Moldavite is a rare and naturally occurring glass rather than a manmade one. The phonies were made recently in factories to make a quick buck off of you.

If you think that $45 is going to buy you a Moldavite bracelet, you're about to be tricked. Expect to pay anywhere from $1000-$5000 for an all-natural full Moldavite bracelet.  

Mini Martian Moldavite are... well, mini! But they are real Moldavites and they don't break the budget!

How do I order my Mini Moldavite?

It's easy! Purchase the Mini Martian Moldavite right here right now.

Do you want to be rewarded with bonus points for this purchase and every purchase you make. If yes, register for a free Satin Crystals account before your make your order. Or log in if you already have one.

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Have Moldavite Questions?

If you have questions about any of the Moldavite we offer or if you have any stories to share, comment on the blog below and we'll get back to you. 

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Sheila Satin - August 8, 2021

Hi Christina, that’s great to hear.

Right now we only have three moldavite designs in stock. The Saturns love ring would be the simplest for your pointer finger:

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Sheila Satin - August 8, 2021

Hi Christina, that’s great to hear.

Right now we only have three moldavite designs in stock. The Saturns love ring would be the simplest for your pointer finger:

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Christina - August 8, 2021

Hi Sheila! That was a fast delivery! I love it since i just shipped my previous one to my daughter in Paris, i felt lost without my moldavite. Thank you for quick shipping! No more Etsy for me. Can you recommend a simple moldavite ring for me to put on my pointy finger please? Thanks.

Lisa Satin - May 6, 2021

Hello Maria,

Thanks for writing!

I know some people believe that everyone should feel something right away, but that’s not true. It took me years of working with crystals to be able to fully feel and understand their powers. On the other hand, my sister Sheila could feel them right away because she’s naturally more intuitive than me.

I encourage you to keep using the Moldavite. It’s 100% real, we get them right from Europe because my husband is Central European.

If you haven’t already done so, check out these Top 5 Ways to use your Moldavite:

If you do decide that it’s not the right piece for you, let me know and we’ll be happy to assist with an exchange or return.

maria - May 6, 2021

Hi it’s maria I had my moldavite for several days and I don’t feel nothing with it no offense but it feels fake

Sheila Satin - May 6, 2021

Hi Marilyn, we do you send to customers in Australia. We use DHL express services for quick and efficient service. You can check the rates at the cart or checkout page.

We are all sold out of Moldavite rings but we do have 3 necklaces left as of this email. We hope we can get in more Moldavite jewelry in the future but at this time it is extremely difficult to source the real thing! Let me know if you need help with check out.
Marilyn G - May 6, 2021

Do you send items overseas? I live in Australia but interested in Moldavite crystals, more so the necklace and/or ring. How do I go about it, is it safe paying using card? Let me know please.

Sheila Satin - April 29, 2021

Hi Hailey, good question. We get this question often so we wrote a whole article about it!

Hailey P - April 29, 2021

Hey! I was just wondering where you get your Moldavite from? I’m really interested in buying a couple different ones, but just wanted to double check before I bought anything, thanks.

Sheila Satin - April 26, 2021

Hi Imaen, I will send out your order today when I get to the office.

Meanwhile here is an article to help you with points. Let me know if you still have questions after:

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