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Pretty Faces of Rose Quartz

Pretty Faces of Rose Quartz I Satin Crystals Blog

Rose Quartz is one of the most known and beloved crystals. It comes from various places in the world, yielding tones from pale to deep pink. Rose Quartz is best known for the love energy that it exudes. It is the stone of relationships, helping to enhance current connections and/or attract new love interests.

When I first began working with Rose Quartz over 15 years ago, it wasn't one of my favorite stones. I thought it a little bit dull. Yet the more gems I encountered, the more I learned to appreciate the many pretty faces of Rose Quartz.

The Faces of Rose Quartz


Star Madagascar Rose Quartz

My love for Rose Quartz began when I discovered the Star Madagascar variety. Star Rose shows asterism when illuminated by a point-like light source, like the incredible piece above. It is only found in a few locations such as Madagascar. The star is caused by light reflected from needle-like inclusions of a mineral similar to Dumortierite, which is also the source of the pink coloration of Rose Quartz.




Another thing I love about Madagascar Rose Quartz is that it has a semi-transparent quality. The piece above has nice semi-clear layers that reveal dazzling rainbows and inclusions which won my heart.


I came across Madagascar Rose spheres that one could hardly recognize as Rose Quartz, because they were so pale they were almost quartz. But there is still a hint of pink tint in the beautiful orb above. This sphere stirs up the passion and romance of Rose Quartz with its flames of golden iron.

Brazilian Rose Quartz


Aside from Madagascar Rose, Brazilian Rose Quartz is another beloved gemstone. Personally, I like the ones that boast a bolder pink like this large collectible piece.

Strawberry 'n Cream Rose Quartz


Most Rose Quartz has shades of the sweet traditional pink we have all come to know and love. I especially like seeking out the ones that have amazing patterns. Satin Crystals recently discovered this one of kind swirly strawberry 'n cream beauty with a heart formation in the center.  Details on this particular Double Love sphere can be found HERE.

Cupid's Watcher Rose Quartz


Lots of Rose Quartz is riddled with lines, crackles, veins, and minerals. That's just a part of nature, and a prominent part of gemstones in general. They often add additional healing powers due to the presence of other minerals. Sometimes you get interesting shapes like this ominous white eye. I call it Cupid's Watcher. 

Rose Quartz Journey

As my love and knowledge of crystals has expanded over the past 15 years, so has my love and knowledge of Rose Quartz. I hope you will also encounter some breathtaking pieces along your lovely gemstone journey.

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Please visit our Top 5 Crystals page to learn about other popular gems. 

 Thank you from Satin Crystals!

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Alma Richardson - June 24, 2019

I love the sweet soft pink hue of the rose quartz. thanks for the post!

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