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Your Personal New Moon Reading for January 13, 2021

sterling silver cresent moon pendant with peach moonstone dangleDear Friends,

This is the New Year, the New Moon, and the New Beginning you've been waiting for. It's the dawn of a new day, and the perfect chance to reset your slate. Be the artist of your own life this year. 

Follow your Higher Self by playing this crystal divination. See what the start of 2021 has to offer you.

It's your destiny.... make it good!

~Lisa Satin

New Moon Crystals for January 13, 2021


Mentally pick one of these three stones that call your attention. 


pink rose quartz sphere
Rose Quartz

gold geode pyrite sphere

white scolecite sphere

Got your #1 pick in mind?

Once you've picked your stone, scroll downwards to find your personal New Moon reading for today. 

sheila of satin crystals pointing down

New Moon Crystal Reading

Your intuition leads you to the stone that works in your favor this month. Read about your New Moon crystal pick below...

Rose Quartz

pink rose quartz sphere

Your Higher Self lead you to Rose Quartz this month because you have love on the mind. In the next 30 days of your life, you'll find that many of your relationships will be redefined. Even new relationships are apt to form. Your social life re-awakens, be it physical encounters or virtual gatherings. 

Your energy benefits best from Rose Quartz this lunar cycle. It helps you attract people who not only agree with you but also those who can challenge your perceptions in a respectful way. Place Rose Quartz in your home and wear it as jewelry to connect deeply with those around you.

Did you know that Valentine's Day is just a month away? If you have a partner or are looking to woo someone, now's the time to lay the groundwork and make it a special one. If you're single, use Rose to attract love into your life.

Alternatively, you might be at a point where you want to work on self-love. If this is the case, use and wear your Rose close to your Heart chakra while you do crystal healing and as you go about your every day. 

Check out these lovely Rose Quartz Crystals:






gold geode pyrite sphere

Your Higher Self picked Pyrite because over the next 30 days, your mind is on money and career. Embrace the chance of a new opportunity that comes with the fresh year. The New Moon is working with you to attract good fortune through business or any other means you can manifest luck. 

Pyrite, like a shiny gold nugget, is the stone you should place within clear view. Let it be your motivation to reach for the stars. This month, you are allowed to be brave and go big in your professional life. Sometimes it's best to keep a low profile, but not this lunar cycle. Wear Pyrite jewelry to be noticed and to manifest your goals.

Did money land in your lap anew? Did you earn and gain something recently? Pyrite also wants you to spend it. Indulge a bit on a purchase or investment that brings you joy. That's what money is for, after all. 

Check out these prosperous Pyrite stones:





white scolecite sphere

Your Higher Self is attracted to Scolecite because it is a spiritual stone. Whether or not you know what Scolecite does, your subconscious made the decision that you should focus on your personal development and soul's growth over the next 30 days.

Pick out a Scolecite stone that speaks to your spirit. Let its calm and divine energy lead you to activities like meditation, affirmations, healings, manifestation lists, vision boards, and anything else that gets you in the spiritual state.

This lunar cycle, keep your Scolecite stone close to your Crown chakra. That means keeping it at your bedside while sleeping and nearby when you're awake. Like the shimmering moon itself, this stone will infuse you with the high vibrations you desire.

Rest, relax, do something for yourself. You overcame so much recently, and you're ready for self-reflection. Feel joy, tranquility, and peace. You need it. 

Check out these spiritual Scolecite stones:





Reading Onward...

Have you used any of the stones for this month's New Moon? We'd love to hear your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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