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How to Use Crystals for Love

lucia of satin crystals holding a quartz heart for love and romance

Do you want to star in a romantic comedy instead of being cast as the tragic sidekick? 

Rewrite the script of your love life with natural healing crystals.

Discover crystals for love and romance. Focus on unblocking your Heart chakra so that you can give and receive love energy in its true form. 

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Watch the Love Crystal Uses Video

Get an overview with tips and ideas on How to use Love Crystals in our video above. You can also also comment with your love crystal stories and find a plethora of crystal healing tutorials on our Youtube channel. 

two ladies holding blue lace agate crystal hearts

Why is my Heart chakra important?

Your Heart chakra is your most important chakra because all of the other chakras first flow through the heart before flowing in and out of the body. Think of it as the control system of your being. 

You want to make sure that your Heart chakra is always open, balanced, and cleansed to best give and receive the energy of love: self-love, love of humanity, divine love, and romantic love.

When there is heartache, you can physically feel your heart aching.

When there is joy, you can physically feel your heart leaping with joy.

Many of us have unknowingly allowed our Heart chakra to be blocked. Whether it is from failed relationships, loss, abandonment, or jealousy, the important part is to open up the gates again. 

What does a blocked Heart chakra feel like?

To determine if your Heart chakra is blocked, figure out if it carries more yin or more yang energy:

  • Yin energy is passive and shows up as depression, loneliness, disconnection, fear, or feelings of helplessness and weakness.

  • Yang energy is aggressive and shows up as jealousy, anger, hatred, violence, revenge, or blaming others for your problem.

    If you feel like you have a mix of yin and yang energies blocking your Heart chakra, use both types of love crystals to alleviate these energies.

    lucia of satin crystals holding up a quartz stone heart to open the chakra

    How do I unblock my Heart chakra?

    Here are some ideas on how to unblock your Heart chakra energies. There are many other ways to open your Heart chakra, and relying on your intuition is the best way. These rituals can get you started. 

    Remember to clean, charge and program all of your crystals before use.

    • For a Yang Energy Block (in which you need to release an overabundance of Yang), program a Rose Quartz or Aventurine crystal. For a Yin Energy Block (in which you need to release an overabundance of Yin), program a Malachite or Rhodochrosite crystal. Place the crystal over your heart while lying down, eyes closed. Place two Quartz points facing away from your body to allow the blocked/negative energies to be released from the heart.

    • Secure a love crystal onto an Agate stone slice, also known as an Agate plate or an Agate slab. Place this stone creation over your heart and vibrate the energies into the chakra with a tuning fork (best if someone else does this for you).

    • Surround your body with Obsidian (for both yin and yang energies) to make a crystal layout. Hold two Obsidian pieces in your hands and place one over your heart. Allow the Obsidian to absorb and transmute any negative energy blocking your heart. Obsidian is excellent for letting go of old, unwanted thoughts and patterns to open you up for future progress.

    • Crystal Hearts are an excellent shape to place over your heart when doing these crystal layouts. They have the healing energy, they are smooth and flat to place on your body and they remind you of your focus: your heart!

    How do you use crystal hearts for love?

    Crystal hearts are an ideal shape to use in many healing practices because they are usually smooth, flat, and have a tip to direct energy. Watch the 
    How to Use Crystal Hearts Video for tips and live examples of how to use heart-shaped crystals for love intentions. 

    Crystal hearts represent your life force and the most powerful energy in the world: love. Just looking at a crystal heart invokes a feeling of love. The heart shape is a universal symbol of love, romance, and affection. 

    What is the best crystal for self-forgiveness?

    After you have faced the blockages in your Heart chakra, here are three of the best crystals to use for self-forgiveness: 

    Chrysoprase is used to refresh your heart's energies. After the emotions have been dealt with, Chrysoprase helps you repair your self-esteem and accept your past discretions as learning lessons. 

    Rhodonite is your best friend when it comes to picking up the pieces of the past and encouraging you to move on. This crystal gives you a loving kick in the pants when it's time to stop wallowing and start living in your present moment. 

    Rose Quartz has a gentle energy that assures you that everything will be okay. The Universe has an abundance of love and you are embraced by unconditional love with Rose Quartz by your side.  

    How do you use crystals for love?

    As you have heard time and time again, you must first love yourself before you can attract healthy love. After you have thoroughly worked on your Heart chakra, you are ready to manifest the love and romance you desire. 

    Whether you are at the initial crush stage or running to the airport to profess your love, here are a few tips for attracting romance into your life:

    • Meditate with a Rose Quartz. Choose Rose Quartz balls, eggs, pyramids, or any shape that is comfortable in the palm of your hand. You will clear your mind, connect with your Higher Self, and experience True Joy. Just take a few minutes a day with your Rose Quartz ball to let the love of the Universe flow into the pink globe in your hand. If you have trouble meditating on your own, join our guided love meditation above! 

    • For those too restless to meditate, keep tumbled love crystals in your purse, pocket, or bag. Whenever you are feeling doubtful, place your hand into the collection of love crystals and reaffirm your faith in positive, nurturing thoughts. 

    • For jewelry lovers, it is easy to wear love crystals. Wear a Rhodochrosite necklace over your heart for a constant reminder of your intentions. You could choose to stack up Malachite and Rhodochrosite bracelets on your wrist for a clear view of the romance that could be. Perhaps a Chrysoprase anklet to ground your energies to this Earth and stay clear on your manifestation goals.

    • If you currently have a partner, give them a matching love crystal to keep the bond strong. If you are currently single and seeking, place a matching love crystal in your bedroom and visualize your future partner sharing the space. 

      • Create a crystal grid or mandala with your favorite love crystals. Activate the grid with a Clear Quartz wand and let the intention flow into the Universe.  

      • If you have come out of a toxic relationship, use egg crystals to transition smoothly into new beginnings. Eggs fit perfectly in the palms of your hands for healing and look attractive on stands around your home and office. Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Malachite, Pink Tourmaline, and Chrysocolla are fine choices.
      red tourmaline and malachite egg in palms of hands

      Where do you put love crystals?

      It is best to keep love crystals in a highly visible place. if you are constantly on the computer, try wearing crystal bracelets on your wrist or rings on your fingers. Should you prefer stones, display your love crystals on a shelf in a high-traffic area of the living room. Love crystals are also perfect in the bedroom where romance blossoms. 

      For Feng Shui energy, place love crystals in the "Marriage & Relationships" top left corner of your home. For more on placing crystals, visit How to Clear & Fill the Home with Crystals

      lucia of satin crystals holding up a quartz and rose quartz heart for love

      Recommended Love Crystals

      Add these heart-strengthening crystals to your collection and roll your way to the land of love:

      What is the best crystal for love?

      There is no single crystal that is best for love. Rose Quartz is the most popular crystal associated with love, but there are many love crystals other than Rose Quartz that are ready to work their magic. 

      Several stones have proven to work well for healers. But in the end, you are an individual and you will discover your favorite love crystal through experimentation. Decide for yourself which crystal is best for your Heart chakra.

      If you are unsure of where to start, see which of the stones attract you in the Love Crystal Collection and take it from there.

      How do crystals attract soulmates?

      Crystals attract your soulmates by aligning your thoughts to a vibration of love.

      Your stones are a physical representation of your desires. You program them with your intentions and every time you see, wear or use them, you are reminded of your goal. In this case, your goal is to attract soulmates. 

      When you raise your vibrations to one of love rather than lack and longing, you will attract the same in your life. Thanks, Law of Attraction!

      man with amazonite hearts at his face

      What crystal attracts a specific person?

      There is no way to attract a specific person into your life with crystals. Crystals can attract a person with certain personality traits that you are seeking, but the person you are obsessing over may not vibrate on your wavelength. 

      If you have been pining over a specific person in your life, you are projecting your ideas of a hypothetical relationship onto them. You are vibrating on a frequency of lack, thinking this person can fix all of your problems. You will have to look within and ask yourself what you really want out of life. 

      Once you unblock your Heart chakra and start vibrating at a higher level, you will realize that there was a reason this person was never supposed to be in your life. You may still be seeking a loving relationship, but you will not be dead set on the relationship coming from this one specific person. 

      Once you free your heart, love will surround you. It will come from within. You will feel happy, whole, and complete with the  life you have. The fear of "ending up alone" will dissolve, as you will feel connected and at peace in all aspects of your life. 

      What stone heals relationships?

      If you are looking to heal your relationships, you can work with any of your favorite love stones. Pink and green crystals are especially beneficial for strengthening the love in your relationship. If it's a communication issue you are dealing with, incorporate blue Throat chakra stones into your healing session.

      Whatever stone you decide to work with, remember that healing a relationship should be a joint effort. If your partner is not willing to work with you, you can focus on healing yourself to find the strength to move on. 

      We have crystal rituals to help you reconnect with your partner in Crystal Rituals to Fall in Love all over again. 

      hand holding amethyst geode cluster heart with jade rabbit

      How do you charge a crystal for love?

      You can choose any method to charge your crystals for love as long as it is safe for your particular stone. Learn more about energetically charging your stones in Crystal Care

      Whether in the sunlight or moonlight, love energy flows day and night. Leave your crystals on a windowsill or outdoors to absorb these happy rays. Arrange them in a heart formation or place smaller stones on large crystal hearts to enhance your intention. 

      man and woman lying in a grid of crystal hearts

      What's the difference between love crystals?

      There are a lot of love crystals out there. It can be overwhelming to choose the perfect ones. Take it one step at a time and experiment with those that you are most attracted to. Trust your intuition; you will know when you have found the right love crystals for you! 

      To guide you in the right direction, we have a video for you. Watch to learn about the Top 7 Love Crystals and how to tell their energies apart. 

      What crystal helps with relationships?

      Any of the love crystals we have discussed here can potentially help you with relationships. The most popular ones at the moment are pink Rose Quartz for general loving energy, orange Carnelian for sexual attraction, and green Moldavite for out-of-this-world kind of love.

      Lately, many healers have found Carnelian to be an excellent boyfriend crystal (or girlfriend crystal) and Moldavite to transform their lives. Check out the testimonials all over social media and let us know if these have helped you as well! 

      To learn more about using Moldavite in your love endeavors, we have a whole article and video for you to watch at Moldavite for Cosmic Lovers

      What crystal makes everyone fall in love with you?

      Just like there is no individual crystal that is best for love, there is no single crystal that will make everyone fall in love with you. However, using your favorite love crystals will improve your outlook on love, life, and the Universe. 

      The most important commonality of all of these love rituals is to have an open heart. It is to be the hero in your movie. It is to be swept away in the romance of possibilities, hope, and wonder. Once you know true self-love, romance shall follow.

      Enjoy each moment by incorporating crystals into your daily routine. Shop the Love Crystal Collection or gather your new stones instantly right here on the blog: 


      Your Heart chakra and love crystals

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