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Deity Article

aventurine buddha head

The higher powers of these divine beings guide you toward the path of enlightenment, happiness, and universal understanding. Crystal deities and relics can be placed on your altar, mantel, or meditation space. They promote love and tolerance.

Angels help us to connect with the higher realms, linking the energies of the two worlds. Angels help us to connect to our spiritual natures. Keep Angel figurines in your life for protection, hope, comfort and consolation.

Buddha brings Universal Knowledge and aids you on your spiritual path. He is protective and understanding, encouraging a calm, peaceful energy. The Laughing Buddha reminds us to appreciate everything we have in our lives. He has his mouth open in laughter, showing you that enlightenment can be found in joy and happiness.

Ganesh, or Ganesha, is the Hindu Elephant God of Wealth and Abundance. Known as the "Remover of Obstacles," he will aid you in your goals and quests. Ganesh brings compassion, wisdom, and spiritual evolution. Ganesh statues adorn many shops and offices to bring in business success.

Kwan Yin, or Quanyin, is the Chinese Goddess of Compassion, energetically equivalent to the Western Mother Mary. She brings great yin energy, and plays a key role in the dimension shift towards the New Age. She is very often channeled with powerful messages and love energy. Goddess Kwan Yin is a protector and nurturer of the weak, the young, the old, and the needy.