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Crystal Healing Tutorials

Crystal Healing Tutorials

Aura Tutorial

What's all the crazy with the aura these days? Learn about what an aura is and how you can keep yours healthy and strong. 

Crystal Ball Tutorial

Sure they are a marvel to behold, but how do you use crystal balls for healing? Learn about using these natural energy spheres for crystal ball gazing in our tutorial. 

Divination Tutorial

Seek answers from the Beyond through crystal healing divination. In this tutorial you will learn about divination through both natural stones and Viking runes. 

Grounding Tutorial

Learn about grounding stones to help you stay focused in the present moment. A powerful grounding stone can help root you to the Earth and, at the same time, bring your awareness to a heightened level.

Health Tutorial

Follow the Health Mutiplier tutorial to get your body and mind back on a healthy track. 

Home Tutorial

Whether moving in to a new space or clearing out the stagnant energy in your current dwelling, use this home clearing tutorial to refresh the atmosphere. 

Pendulum Tutorial

Discover the ways you can use a pendulum for crystal healing, dowsing and even home decor. 

Wand Tutorial

As an extension of your own healing powers, crystal wands have many formations and uses. Find out more in our wand tutorial. 


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