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How to Use Crystals for Past Life Regression

woman meditating with howlite towerYou might have heard of a past life regression but do you truly understand what it means? You're about to discover the benefits of past life regressions. Learn which crystals uncover the truth from your past incarnations and which stones protect you along the journey.

This natural healing technique opens a world you never knew existed. Find out what lies behind the hidden doors of time. What will you see? What will you gain? How will you heal? 

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What is a past life regression?

Past life regression is a hypnotic healing modality used to access the memories stored in your subconscious mind. As the subconscious mind has no limits, you can go back to previous lives while in a trance. You can visit one point in the past or several past lives in a single session. The experience varies from person to person, depending on your mental state and motive.

past life regression session with crystals
What is a past life regression used for?

Past life regressions can be used recreationally or for healing purposes. You may simply be curious about your past lives and schedule a regression without a specific intention. Regardless, you usually end up learning something important.

For therapy purposes, past life regression is a powerful tool that helps people break old patterns and overcome past traumas. For example, someone may fear dogs for no apparent reason. They choose to have a regression done in hopes that the answer lies in a past life. If they discover the source of fear in a past life, they can start the healing process more easily and effectively.

Another example is a person who has a dramatic relationship, yet cannot break ties. There could be a lot of unresolved karma between the two that is discovered through past life regression. It could even span across many lifetimes.

Past life regression itself is just a means to accessing memories and experiences. The healing comes afterward and is not automatic. If you do a regression but do not learn or take steps to heal from it, nothing will change. If you come to a deeper understanding, accept and forgive the past and the people involved, it can be an intense healing tool.

past life regression session with crystals

Lisa's personal experience with past life regression crystals

I am a certified past life regression therapist. Back in the day, I did regressions on various in-person clients. I utilized healing crystals and hypnosis techniques to access their subconscious mind. That is the doorway through time.

During each session, I equipped myself with a Rainbow Obsidian bracelet, Obsidian balls, and other protection stones. There is no way I would do a regression without the protective energy of crystals.

Accessing the vast subconscious opens a client's aura. Negative energies easily flow out. Everyone must be protected. My stones blocked the negative vibrations so that they could not impact me.

I also adorned the office with past life regression crystals. Serpentine stones were my favorite for this purpose. They vibrate with the right frequencies. Fossils, Amber, and Petrified Wood are other fine choices. They are ancient relics that have endured through time, storing memories along the way.

One of my most memorable experiences with past life regression comes from an early client. She was in a deep trance and saw her past self running away from a concentration camp. Soldiers were chasing her through the woods.

After she emerged from the session, I had her hold the grounding stones Moqui Marbles and Hematite to settle her vibrations back to the present reality. Some clients go so deep into hypnosis that they don't remember anything about the session when they come out. 

Past life regressions are intense and emotional. They help the client discover patterns that have carried over to this lifetime. It is a type of healing that goes well beyond the ordinary. That is why I recommend you engage in regressions with an experienced and certified therapist. Make sure to have your past life regression crystals, protection stones, and grounding gems in tow! 

Sheila's personal experience with past life regression crystals

When Lisa and I were taking hypnotherapy courses from our late father, Dr. Sunny Satin, we had to practice spiritual hypnosis. I remember one time when Lisa was trying to take me to a past life. I was holding Clear Quartz stones, one in each hand, and listening to the sound of her voice. 

When my third eye awoke to my spiritual state, I found myself staring back at me. Instead of taking me to a past life, I had found my way to meet my Higher Self. Her name was Joy and I could feel the overwhelming happiness come over me. This would not have been possible without the hypnosis session. 

I could also feel the Quartz crystals pulsing in my hands, filling my aura with light. It was an unforgettable experience.

At first, Lisa got a little frightened. We were both new to hypnosis at the time and she thought I had met a dark spirit instead of a higher being. Luckily she was protected with her Obsidian crystals and soon discovered I was talking to my Higher Self. 

healing session with jade

What does a past life regression feel like?

The experience varies from person to person. If you are logical, over-analytical, or skeptical, you may not enter into a trance in the first session. Those who are more open and emotional tend to go deeper and faster into hypnosis.

Many will completely forget the experience when the session is over, which is why therapists should record the session. If a person cannot go into a past life after several sessions, it means they are not ready or willing. 

You may see clear visions and experience strong emotions from past life scenes. Others may feel like they are watching a movie and are emotionally unattached. And a large population may not see anything. Instead, they can experience the feelings, see glowing colors, get messages, or connect with guides for information. 

How do past life regression crystals work? 

Past life crystals work on many levels. Most crystals have been around for ages and absorbed the history of the earth (or Universe) within their structure.

Some stones like Fossils make great recordkeepers. They help you travel through time to access a past life and memories. Crystals like Quartz are perfect for those who wish to see visions more clearly when under regression. Other crystals like Obsidian are important for protecting you on this vulnerable journey. 

After you recognize the root cause of your issues, you can pick additional crystals to aid you in the healing process. For the best results, cleanse, charge, and program your crystals before and after each past life regression session.

What crystal is good for Past Life Regression? 

Past life regression is an extremely specialized and underutilized healing technique. There are a special few crystals that vibrate with past life energy. For the best results in your regression, use the following stones. 

Top 7 Past Life Regression Stones 

natural light green jade stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
 is the best crystal for past life regressions. It specializes in bringing you back in time so that you can heal in the present and move on to a brighter future. Serpentine holds the energy of the wise snake. This animal guardian helps you weave through past experiences to discover great secrets. When you do past life regression, always have Serpentine stones and jewelry on you.

clear quartz sphere
 is a top pick for past life regressions, especially Clear and Cloudy Quartz. This stone gives you clarity of vision that benefits you in the session. It allows you to clearly see what you need to see. Hold and wear Quartz during your professional therapy appointment. You can also gaze into a Quartz crystal ball and do your own mini-sessions at home.

rainbow obsidian sphere
is vital during any past life regression. First of all, this is the most protective stone in healing. It protects you and your therapist from all the negativity that is released during a session. When you open the powerful subconscious, you don't want to accidentally invite bad elements into your aura. Therefore, you should hold or wear Obsidian on your past life journey. Obsidian is also known as a fortune-telling stone. Gaze into an Obsidian mirror or sphere and do mini time travel sessions on your own at home.

moldavite circle
are usually older than crystals, some dating billions of years back. They have traveled through space and endured the wrath of time. They store the building blocks of the Universe. Access the threads of past, present, future, and ancient Akashic records when you use meteorites.
fossil sphere
Fossils are earthy elements that have persevered through time. They store memories within the stone, often dating millions of years back. When you have Fossils nearby, you're able to travel back and forth more easily. They stimulate your memory on many important levels.

amber stone
 is a special ancient tree resin that often holds bugs and plant fossils within. It's a time-stopper. Harness Amber's energy to past life travel. Amber doesn't just reveal the past but shines a light on the meaning of your past. Learning from these lessons is the most important part of regression. Amber heals your emotional Solar Plexus chakra as you go through intense experiences.

petrified wood sphere
Petrified Wood
is an ancient fossilized tree bark. It works like Fossils and Amber to help you access memories. However, Petrified Wood is also very grounding. It lets you remain objective while you do your past life regression. What a fine choice for assisting sensitive and emotional people. You can hold onto your Petrified Wood stones and jewelry after the session is over too. They root your scattered energies back to a healthy, balanced reality. 

How can I use my crystals for past life regression?

You are now familiar with the top stones for past life regression. But how do you use them?

Before you begin, be sure to cleanse, charge, and program your crystals. Past life regressions can be very emotionally intense, so it's recommended that you cleanse and charge your healing tools after the session as well.

Here are some ways to benefit from your past life regression crystals:

Hold Crystals during a Session

When you are in the therapy room, hold onto your crystals. The most comfortable shape for holding are palm stones, eggs, and small to medium spheres.

Serpentine, Fossils, Meteorites, Amber, and Petrified Wood act like transporters, allowing you to shift through time more easily. Quartz is your pick if you want clearer visions in the middle of your session. Obsidian must be a part of everyone's experience, protecting you through every single session.

Display Crystals during a Session

Some people go deep into a trance and might drop their stones while in a regression. If you think this may happen to you, place your special crystals on a table instead of holding them. You might pick a large Obsidian tower for protection or a Petrified Wood sphere for successful regression.

Additionally, you could surround yourself with smaller stones. Try sitting or laying in a grid of Serpentine and Clear Quartz tumbles while you do your session. 

Wear Jewelry during a Session

Another easy way to benefit from Past Life regression crystals is wearing them as jewelry during your session. They will not fall from your hands and are very convenient. A Serpentine necklace at the Heart chakra can help you overcome trauma. A Gold Sheen Obsidian bracelet keeps you safe.

Meditate with your Stones

When doing a light version of past life regression at home or in a group through meditation, make good use of crystals. Just like in a session, you can choose to hold, display, or wear the gemstones as you meditate. Try Amber stones, Fossil wands, and Petrified Wood hearts. Where will they take you? Or rather, when?

Gazing during your Session

Another method of accessing past lives by yourself is through gazing. Gazing is most often done with Quartz crystal balls and Black Obsidian spheres. However, you can also gaze into an Obsidian Mirror. For advanced lightworkers, try gazing into a patterned orb like Serpentine or Petrified Wood. Let the lines and swirls lead you through the timeline of your lives.

What are the top 5 spheres for past life gazing?

Crystal spheres are a unique tool for past life regressions. Here are some ways to use crystal balls:

  • Hold the sphere during a therapy session to gain clearer visions and energetic protection.

  • Place the sphere nearby to benefit from the energy during a session.

  • Gaze into the crystal ball to transport your mind to the past if you're doing a solo session.

These are the 5 best crystal balls for past life regression work:

Who can do past life regression?

Anyone who is ready and willing to do a past life regression is a good candidate. The session should only be performed by experienced and certified hypnotherapists.

If you are spiritually advanced, you can use other techniques like crystal ball gazing and deep meditation to access your past lives. However, the experience will be different. It would be like giving yourself a massage versus getting it done by a professional.

How can I protect myself during past life regression?

When you do past life regression, you open the door of your subconscious mind. Your energies are vulnerable to all kinds of negativities.

During a session, you may experience traumatic visions or feelings that could deeply affect you. Safeguarding yourself with protection crystals reduces emotional distress and allows you to view your past lives more objectively. These gems shield you from overwhelming trauma so you can focus on the facts and solutions. Learn your lessons faster and overcome your issues.

Protection stones also guard you against sinister elements. Dark forces and entities from the past, present, and future may attempt to cross into your thresh-hold. The last thing you want is to add more problems to your life, which is counterproductive to therapy. 

Finally, you want to have protection stones to protect the healer or therapist. Your emotional damage can be projected onto an inexperienced healer who is trying to assist you. If you are the healer who is assisting someone else, you absolutely must safeguard yourself with protection stones.

Here are ways to easily and effectively protect yourself and others in a past life regression session:

  • Always wear protective jewelry in stones like Obsidian, Tourmaline, and Smoky Quartz.

  • Adorn the healing area with protective stones like Jet, Labradorite, and Shungite.

  • Cleanse, charge, and program your protection stones. You can program them with the intent to protect you during past life regression every time. However, you may need to cleanse and charge them between each session so they are cleansed of the negative vibrations that they have absorbed.

pendulum on third eye, aventurine heart at heart

What crystal shapes should I choose for past life regression?

Above you learned about the power of a crystal ball for past life regression. Here are other sacred shapes that enhance your regression:

Crystal Pendulum
Pendulums are heavily associated with hypnotherapy. Doing a past life regression requires a deep trance state. The flow of a pendulum can put a person into this meditative state. You can also dowse with the pendulum, asking questions and receiving clarity after a session.

Crystal Wands
Wands direct energies to travel back and forth. They can assist you during time regressions, taking you from point A to point B. Hold a crystal wand while you do your past life regression to float seamlessly through time. It also stores your memories so you can heal post-session.

Crystal Skulls
Crystal skulls represent life in the past. They are an absolutely ideal shape for past life regression. Have a crystal skull with you during therapy, especially if you want to connect and communicate with people from history. 

What jewelry is best for past life regression?

It is recommended you wear beneficial healing jewelry when you do past life regressions, in a professional session, or on your own via meditation and gazing. You can choose from rings, pendants, necklaces, and more. Bracelets are the most popular form of jewelry at Satin Crystals

Here is some jewelry designed for past life regression energy:

3 Bracelets for Past Life Visions:

3 Pendants for Past Life Therapy:

3 Necklaces for Time Travel:

3 Rings & Things for Healing:

Continue your Healing Journey

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woman healing with tigers eye pyramid on third eye

Have you traveled to your past lives?

Have you practiced past life regression? What crystals did you use? What protection stones did you wear?

We would love to hear about your experiences. Contact us through the form below. 

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