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Crystal Clusters for Parents

Crystals for Parents - Satin Crystals Blog

Healing crystal clusters gifted to harried parents can help to balance their chaotic new worlds. This past weekend I went to visit my youngest sister. Her life followed the mainstream path of marriage, kids and the picket fence house of which I never dreamed. She now lives in deep suburbia, and it was fun to have a glimpse of her chosen lifestyle; big houses, big SUV's and cookie cutter houses that are asleep by 9pm.

Crystals for the Stressed Parents

Ever since the kids came along, I have seen both parents full of stress. I don't know if this is a generational thing because there are so many more rules, regulations and restrictions for child rearing now in mainstream America than when we were growing up, but they looked exhausted. Just five minutes a day for some relaxation, just a corner of a room dedicated to a healing alter or just a few minutes while the kids are napping for a crystal meditation would help to align and rejuvenate the energies of any parent.

Crystal Clusters for Parents

Instead of adding to the pile of abandoned toys, why not gift your parent friends a crystal cluster for the home. Obviously they will place it in a secure location away from the children's reach, and it can be a reminder to connect with healing energies, grounding, Mother Nature and the universe.

Clusters come in all sizes and stones from large purple Amethyst geodes, clear quartz formations to shiny Apophyllite stones. Natural crystal clusters are beautiful in the home, fascinating to children and calming for parents.

Healthy kids will always be boisterous and difficult. I am grateful to be able to interact with them during their happy times and hand them back for the cranky times. I do admire the resolve of parents for wanting to go through the tribulations, and can only hope that all parents will take the time to realize that although their focus has shifted, they are still part of the equation!


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