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Free USA shipping for orders $50+ Click for HOLIDAY DEADLINE

Moldavite New Arrival Jewelry Showcase

sheila of satin crystals showing off new moldavite jewelryYou have discovered the transformational powers of Moldavite and you are ready to experience the magic of Moldavite jewelry. That's why we present you with 7 brand new arrival Moldavite jewelry designs. Twinkle with originality when you adopt real Moldavite into your attire.

The world is demanding more of this rare green Tektite from the Czech Republic and you are key to this movement of positive energy.

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Here are 7 out-of-this-world Moldavite jewelry pieces that get your solar system stirring:

#1 Moldavite Gods and Goddesses Gold Necklace

Finally, a stunning Moldavite necklace fit for gods and goddesses. Your new jewel features a real Czech Moldavite in an artisan-crafted gold gild setting. The phenomenal piece elevates your soul and your status because you are ready to get ahead in life. Feel like a true deity when you wear this authentic Moldavite necklace gifted from the stars above. LEARN MORE.

    #2 Moldavite Halley's Comet Bracelet

    Only once in a lifetime does Halley's Comet make her debut across Earth. This elegant Moldavite bracelet captures the rare essence of her cosmic beauty. Real, faceted Moldavite accompanies you on your transcendence from ordinary to extraordinary. The sterling silver gemstone orbits your wrist while making a spectacular shimmering statement. LEARN MORE. 

      #3 Moldavite Twinkling Star New Moon Pendant

      Wish upon a twinkling star because this Moldavite pendant is a dream come true. Tap into the pure power of the cosmic skies with this incredible handmade jewel. Your new sterling silver moon gazes lovingly at a precious and real faceted Moldavite gemstone. Together, they tip the stars and planets in your favor to manifest your deepest desires. LEARN MORE.

      #4 Moldavite North Star Sterling Silver Necklace

      Shine as bright as the North Star when you wear this energetic Moldavite Necklace. It lights the way to bliss and blessings. The glossy green gemstone floats celestially on a constellation of sterling silver links. Keep the Moldavite North Star necklace close to your heart so you may never feel lost on the journey of life and love. LEARN MORE.


      #5 Moldavite Queen of the Galaxy Necklace

      Have you ever felt so grand? This exquisite Moldavite necklace is meant for you. You are a special soul, the Queen of the Galaxy. Glisten in mysterious green when you wear these real Moldavite gemstones faceted to perfection. This rare and precious Tektite adorns your body and lifts your spirit to cosmic royalty. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it is waiting for you. LEARN MORE.

        #6 Moldavite Swing on a Star Earrings

        Feel as though you're swinging on stars when you wear these new Moldavite earrings. A constellation of Moldavite crystals hangs gracefully on sterling silver, infinitely energizing your consciousness. The sparkling green gemstones give your spirit an astral thrill while adorning you with an essence that's simply surreal. LEARN MORE.

          #7 Moldavite Light of Aurora Silver Necklace

          This real Moldavite necklace lights your aura as bright as the Aurora Borealis. Get ready to glow with spiritual wisdom and cosmic consciousness. Set on a silky sterling silver chain, the raw green Tektite gemstone brings you powers of the Northern skies and the infinite stars. If you want a Moldavite necklace with that extraordinary spark, you've found it. LEARN MORE.

          Your Moldavite Astral Journey

          How do you feel wearing Moldavite jewelry? Do you have any of these pieces in your collection? Which ones are you missing?

          We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry. You can comment on the blog below. 

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          Lisa Satin - June 14, 2021

          Hi Sonakshi,

          Thanks for writing to us!
          Here is an article that can help you get started, which discusses how to choose the best crystal for you:

          Your Ultimate Guide to Bracelets:

          Your Ultimate Guide to Necklaces

          Your Ultimate Guide to Rings

          Please look over these, and if you need more assistance feel free to reach out.

          Sonakshi - June 14, 2021

          I would like to know more about what you wear and how to decide what is suitable for me

          Sheila Satin - June 9, 2021

          Hi Gurps, I am not sure which product you are referring to if we still have?

          As for cleansing your tektites, you can read all about Moldavite here:

          And here is a general crystal cleansing page:

          Gurps - June 9, 2021

          Do you still have this? How do you cleanse/charge your tektike when you receive it?


          Sheila Satin - May 29, 2021

          That’s great, I hope that it works well for you too! In case you haven’t visited it yet, here’s our article and many links to Moldavite:

          Cindy - May 29, 2021

          I’m super excited about my order coming in. I have been experiencing road blockages for career and finances. I heard a friend mention how moldavite helped her situation.

          Sheila Satin - April 27, 2021

          Hi Jimmiedwina, Thanks for emailing. Unfortunately that was a one of a kind pendant we have a no longer I have it. All real Moldavite these days is very very hard to fine, especially the designer ones.

          Jimmiedwina - April 27, 2021

          OMG I’m in love with one of your pendants! If you can get more, I want one! I bought a solar quartz on ebay but never got it, the store was gone when I went back to find out why.. I was heart broken, I wanted it for a shell necklace I have from high school.. this would look perfect! Thank you. 😘💌

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