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Crystal Therapy for Headaches

Crystals for Headaches - Blog

Healing Headaches with Crystals

One of the most common ailments that members of modern society suffer from is some form of headache. For some people, head pain becomes more severe and turns into a migraine, which can have a significant negative impact on your overall health and well-being. Migraines can bring about a myriad of unpleasant symptoms including nausea, vomiting, temporary vision loss, light sensitivity and more.

Migraines and headaches can be brought upon by a number of issues including, but not limited to: stress, diet, alcohol consumption, genetic predisposition, dehydration and anxiety. Whereas crystal therapy is not a cure-all, it can certainly help with alleviating some of the pain. Some people like to refer to crystal healing as an alternative medicine, but I’d rather call it complementary medicine, to be used in conjecture with more traditional medical means pain reduction. If you have chronic migraines, it is important to also see a doctor in order to best treat your ailments. Remember, crystals are not like popping a pill and are often best utilized as a preventative measure against ailments you know you are prone to.

The next question you may be asking yourself is what crystal to use? For headaches, there are three crystals that provide the best results: 1) Amethyst 2) Rose Quartz 3) Lapis Lazuli. Which crystal you use will depend on what exactly the root cause of your pain is and what symptoms you are trying to relieve.

Amethyst for Headaches

  • Heals the brain
  • Relieves pressure in the skull
  • Assists in relaxation and relieving and managing stress
  • Makes one feel most rested
  • Strengthens the nervous and circulatory systems

Rose Quartz for Headaches

  • Helps relieve anxiety
  • Strengthens the central nervous system
  • Pain relief
  • Fights fatigue and exhaustion
  • Reduces the effects of vertigo

Lapis Lazuli for Headaches

  • Pain reduction
  • Limiting the effects of vertigo
  • Helps to dispel nausea and vomiting
  • Bringing a sense of deep peace

These are a couple commonly used crystals for headaches and migraines, but it is important to also do your own experimenting and researching to find what works for you. Personally, I recommend wearing the crystals daily in an area close to the afflicted region (in this case, the head) in a pair of earrings, barrettes or headbands. Still, even a necklace may prove more effective than a bracelet because of its location. You could also place Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Lapis stones around your head in a crystal grid during meditation or relaxation. Simply keeping the stone in your pocket is preferable to simply not doing anything at all. Remember to do your research and allow the benefits of crystal healing to bless your life.

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