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Moldavite Gemstone Meaning

sheila of satin crystals holding moldavite rough wearing moldavite ringWhat is Moldavite and why is it so alluring? Why is it the trendiest Tektite on the block? With a touch of outer space and the magic of Mother Earth, this green gemstone has taken center stage in the crystal healing spotlight.

Let's learn why Moldavite has the power to draw people in with its beauty, healing abilities, and mysterious extraterrestrial origin. From its geological facts to its magical healing properties, we will discuss everything you want to know about real Moldavite.  

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Can you benefit from Moldavite?

If you can answer yes to at least one of these statements, Moldavite can enhance your life:

  • You are seeking a stone with high vibrations

  • You want to attract cosmic love and abundance

  • You love to fly high in your meditation and astral travels

  • You are attracted to an alluring alien green color

  • You love owning a rare and limited gemstone

  • You want to activate your Heart chakra

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a type of Tektite that was formed 14.7 million years ago when a meteorite struck the earth. Tektites are naturally occurring, rather than manmade, glasses. Moldavite is a dark green, glassy gemstone, with distinct air bubbles and honey or worm-like inclusions. 

Why is Moldavite so special?

Moldavite is so special because it formed during a one-time event that can never be replicated, making it a rare and irreplaceable stone. It is only naturally found in the Czech Republic area and is limited in quantity. 

Moldavite is a product of both earth and alien material. The fact that Moldavite is mysterious and multi-natured makes it an intriguing gemstone. What stands out most about Moldavite is its translucent, forest green color; it wins your heart and spirit.

rose quartz heart and moldavite tektite stones

What are the healing benefits of Moldavite?

Moldavite is a gift given to us by the cosmos. It is a popular stone for metaphysical work because of its connection with earth and space. 

Here are some of its most beneficial healing properties of Moldavite:

Moldavite for Relationships

Moldavite rings true to your Heart chakra with its beautiful green color. Moldavite allows love to flow through your soul at the universal level. That means going beyond selfishness and petty nature so that you can share yourself fully with loved ones. 

As a Heart chakra mineral with outer space origins, Moldavite is the best crystal to help you find your cosmic soulmate. Your story of love is written in the stars above. Moldavite helps you navigate obstacles and interferences so you can find and keep your soul mate.

Moldavite helps you improve relationships beyond your romantic ones. It brings you greater awareness, compassion, and empathy. Moldavite encourages you to see the big picture in life and to appreciate the small moments. That means being grateful for the special people who currently inhabit your world.

Moldavite for Astral Travel

Due to its extraterrestrial nature, Moldavite is the prime pick for astral travel meditations. Feel yourself floating up and out of this world when you hold Moldavite during your meditations. The high vibration of Moldavite allows you to leave your physical body quickly and embark on a journey into the stars.

Moldavite for Channeling

Moldavite connects you to the alien realm. It is a highly recommended tool for channeling alien life and civilizations from beyond. Moldavite brings you messages through visions, whispers, and intuition. Grab a protection stone in one hand and a Moldavite stone in the other while you engage in this esoteric, yet evolutionary, practice.

Moldavite for Energy Cleansing

The high frequency of Moldavite allows it to break up lower, denser energies. What that means for you is that it helps shatter negative thoughts, stale situations, and bad influences. 

Using Moldavite in the home, office, or healing room helps to keep the positive vibes flowing. Doing affirmations and meditation with Moldavite helps keep your thoughts and feelings uplifted.

You can learn more techniques and benefits in Top 5 Uses for Moldavite.

How can Moldavite change your life?

Moldavite has become so popular because it has changed many lives for the better. By using the high vibrations of this gemstone to meditate, astral travel, and manifest positive affirmations, healers have channeled their desires through Moldavite's energies. Just search for Moldavite experiences online and you'll find many stories on Moldavite's life-changing effects. 

Depending on how sensitive you are to energies, you may feel a tingling sensation upon holding Moldavite. Some people report that the energy of this gemstone is too active for them, and they can only wear or use Moldavite a few times a week. 

Many healers associate Moldavite with clearing emotional baggage. Its high vibrations lift your hidden traumas out of the shadows and into the foreground. This is also why Moldavite healing comes with a warning: you may not be ready to deal with your past. 

However, If you can confront your past worries, Moldavite helps clear your Heart chakra, making it strong and confident going forward. Once your Heart chakra is open and activated, your self-love, love of others, and attraction of love can flow free. 

Can Moldavite attract love?

Moldavite opens the Heart chakra and clears out emotional baggage that is blocking your flow of love. Once unblocked, you can once again attract the love you desire. 

To learn more about how Moldavite attracts love, visit Moldavite for Cosmic Lovers.

Lisa's personal experience with Moldavite

I knew of Moldavite's popularity for a while but did not become truly acquainted with Meteorites until a decade into my crystal healing profession. While living in Hungary, I met the Meteor Man who properly introduced me to this gorgeous green mineral. Like most people, I became mesmerized by its supernatural beauty and mystique.

Moldavite remains one of my top favorite healing crystals of all times. I love studying each piece for its unique glassy waves, shapes, and hues. Some of them seem to glow with neon green, and these pieces remind me of the alien visitors in my childhood dreams.

I like to gaze into Moldavite and meteorites when I write my monthly Crystal Horoscope Reports because they take me closer to the astrological playing field. Moldavite is one of my picks for alien channeling, astral travel, and meditation.

I offer unique Moldavite pieces at Satin Crystals that I hand-select. I  also have my own Moldavite Ring. I have received so many compliments regarding the ring.

Moldavite casts a spell over just about everyone. It is powerful like that, and I highly recommend you try it out. 

sheila of satin crystals holdin a rough moldavite stone

Sheila's personal experience with Moldavite

I had no idea how popular Moldavite was until Lisa introduced me to the wide world of meteorites. Since then, I have been regularly working with this mysterious green stone in jewelry.

I have mostly created raw Moldavite necklaces for you because the beaded versions are even harder to find than the rough gemstones. However, I find a few real Moldavite faceted gemstones that are now a part of the alligator and hedgehog necklaces. 

Moldavite necklaces have that high vibration and vast intrigue of the space beyond our world. They are a conversation starter and fascinating to look at. Each piece is unique in its formation. If they could only tell their stories of where they came from and what they had seen, we'd have a whole science fiction book based on reality. 

Although I am surrounded by crystals and I love them, I am unfortunately not as sensitive to their energies as other people. However, in April of 2021, I fell in love and started to wear a Golden Moldavite necklace. I am also not usually attracted to golds and dainty styles, but somehow this Moldavite got to me.

I suddenly started to feel what other people have been raving about: the emotions, the tears, the love, the overwhelming sense of joy. The feelings are not describable in words, but once you are ready and know the power of this mystery stone, you'll know exactly what I am trying to describe.


How do you cleanse your Moldavite?

Physically, you can clean your Moldavite under water and air dry. If it's just a little dust you want to remove, you could even wipe it with a cloth. If you are using anything harsher than simple running water, beware that you could scratch or break the stone. 

Because it resulted from extraterrestrial origins, Moldavite energizes well in starlight. It can be charged at night in the windowsill or the garden during the Full Moon. 

To learn more about metaphysical crystal cleansing and charging, watch the video at Crystal Care

sheila of satin crystals gazing at a moldavite crystal

How was Moldavite formed?

Moldavite was formed by a meteorite impact in South Germany that occurred 14.7 million years ago. When the meteorite impacted Earth, it struck the ground and created the Ries Crater of Germany.

The intense heat and pressure of the impact caused the earth and meteorite materials to fuse, forming this green Tektite we now know as Moldavite. The natural materials solidified in the air and landed in what is now the Czech Republic.

  1. The meteorite hit the earth

  2. The earth around the impact vaporized from the heat

  3. The vapors condensed into molten liquid

  4. The molten liquid solidified into Moldavite glass

  5. Moldavite glass fell back to the earth with trapped gas bubbles

Each natural Moldavite piece shaped itself during the solidification and the worm-like inclusions within the Tektites are the result of the descent. 

sheila of satin crystals holding moldavite stones

Where is Moldavite found?

Real Moldavite is mined in the Czech Republic. When the meteorite impacted Earth 14.7 million years ago, the melted and splattered material became air born and most fell in Bohemia by the Moldau River of the current day Czech Republic.

Every meteorite impact has a strewn field, meaning how far and wide the fragments scatter. Moldavite's strewn field went up to 280 miles from the impact. 99% of all Moldavite comes from the South Bohemian localities, 1% were found in South Moravian localities. 

If you hear of Moldavite coming from any other region, you are not getting the real thing. These could be Green Tektites of different meteorite impacts, but they are not Moldavite. 

Is Moldavite from Moldova or Moldavia?

Lots of people search the internet for Moldavite by typing in Moldova, Moldavia, and Moldavian. This is due to a misunderstanding. Moldavite is not called Moldova nor Moldavia, and it does not come from the country of Moldova. It is not Moldavian.

So what is Moldova? Moldova (also known as Moldavia) is a country in Europe between Romania and Ukraine. It has nothing to do with Moldavite, which hails from a totally different European country called the Czech Republic. Moldavite is from the Moldau region of the Czech Republic, completely unrelated to the country of Moldova or Moldavia.

What are the mineraloid facts of Moldavite?

Moldavite is known as a mineraloid rather than a mineral. Moldavite formed so quickly in the air after the meteorite impact that it did not have time to organize itself into a mineral. A mineraloid is an inorganic solid that doesn't have a crystalline structure. Because it is not crystalline, Moldavite never formed crystals. 

Mohs Scale of Hardness: 5

Surface Color: Green, Brown-Green

Streak Color (can vary from surface color, this is the color of the crystals’ powdered minerals): White

Cleavage (where the crystal breaks off naturally to form a new face, parallel to its structure. This is a clean break and can cleave over and over again along the same face, retaining the crystals structure): None

Fracture: Conchoidal (clam-like, the way glass breaks)

Luster: Vitreous (glass-like) 

Tenacity: Brittle (little resistance to breakage)

Transparency: Transparent to Opaque

Habit: Amorphous

Specific Gravity: 2.27 - 3.40

What color is Moldavite?

Moldavite is always green. It can vary in green shades, but it is always green. It gets its green color because of its low concentration of Iron. 

Moldavite is transparent to opaque, ranging from very clear to thick and cloudy. When you hold it up to the light, you can examine the transparency.

How to determine real versus fake Moldavite?

Fake Moldavite is becoming more common as real Moldavite increases in value and demand. Besides testing in a gemological laboratory or buying straight from a trusted source, here are some tips on how to tell if your Moldavite is real and not a synthetic piece of green plastic:

1. Real Moldavite is always green: There is a wide range of green hues associated with Moldavite. It can be light green, forest green, dark green, midnight green, yellow-green, brown-green, etc. However, if you encounter Moldavite in any other color, it is either a synthetic fake or a completely different mineral.

2. Real Moldavite has unpredictable textures: Moldavite can be smooth, cratered, wavy, lumpy, or a combination of textures. However, these textures shouldn't be uniform all around the specimen. If it's too "perfectly textured", it needs to be in a museum or has a high chance of being phony.

3. Real Moldavite is asymmetrical: Moldavite can be semi-circular, semi-spherical, semi-cylindrical, wand-like, club-like, or randomly shaped. If you spot a specimen that is just a tad too "perfectly symmetrical", be wary of its authenticity unless you are admiring it in a museum. Under a strong microscope, you should also be able to see the air bubbles and the uneven, wavy streaming lines within the stone. 

4. Real Moldavite has monetary value: This isn't quite a visual inspection of the Moldavite itself, but insight into the price tag you are looking at. Moldavite is the only meteorite considered to be a gemstone. If the price is too good to be true, guess what?! It's probably too cheap to be real.

5. Real Moldavite has worm-like inclusions: When seen under a strong microscope up to 10x magnification, you should see wavy inclusions. These are lechatelierite inclusions, which are the result of sand particles that melted during the stone's formation. But, unlike Quartz, which is a Silicon Dioxide forming slowly with high-temperature, lechatelierite forms by instantaneous events like meteorites and lightning strikes. 

Read more in Is Your Moldavite Real?

What is Angel Chime Moldavite?

Angel Chime Moldavite is not a variety of Moldavite, but rather a classification for Moldavite that makes a very special sound. When struck against another piece of Moldavite, it makes an unusual sound that is more metallic than ordinary Moldavite.

The chime of the angel can be heard if you rub its surface or strike it against any object that will get it to ring. We do not recommend striking the meteorite harshly, as it may break. Therefore, gently dropping another Moldavite onto your Angel Chime is the best way to hear it sing.

The special sound of Angel Chime is due to the internal stress within the Moldavite. Angel Chime has strong internal stress. This can sometimes be observed visually by examining the internal structures of the piece.

Less than 1% of Moldavite is Angel Chime Moldavite. The rare and melodic Angel Chime is said to be a gift from the angels and allows you to make an easy connection with your guardian angels, archangels, and the entire angelic realm.

What does Moldavite look like?

Moldavite is a glassy green substance that can come in a variety of green tones. It usually has a wavy or bumpy texture. Moldavite can have sharp shards where it is fractured. It can be semi-circular, semi-cylindrical, and anything in between.

Moldavite is usually found in fragments ranging from tiny pebbles to deluxe collectible pieces. The largest found is approximately 235 grams (8.2 ounces) and is on display in the National Museum of Prague. In fact, the largest collection of Moldavites can be viewed at the Prague Museum.

What are the brown and white minerals on Moldavite?

A lot of times Moldavite comes to you with brown or white minerals on the surface, or even embedded within. Consider yourself lucky, because your Moldavite has accumulated additional healing properties.

The brown inclusions on Moldavite are revered by collectors. They are usually pockets of Sandstone that have formed over millions of years.

The white spots on your Moldavite could be clay or other minerals. They too add additional elements to your Meteorite.

The brown dirt Sandstone should never be cleaned off, it could damage your special piece. White clay, sand, and surface minerals can sometimes be cleaned off at your discretion, using a gentle brush or ultrasonic cleaner. 

hand holding authentic moldavite

What is the classification of Moldavite?

Is Moldavite a crystal? a stone? a gemstone? a meteorite? You will hear Moldavite referred to as all of these terms, but scientifically it is classified as a Tektite. A Tektite is a glassy type of Impactite. When big meteorites strike the earth, the crash transforms the surface. The combination of the meteorite, earth minerals, heat, and pressure results in new metamorphic rocks.

Although they generally contain mainly earth minerals, meteorite fragments are lodged in many pieces of Tektites.

Learn more about Meteorite Classifications and Types.

Moldavite is a Tektite gemstone. It is not a meteorite but may have fragments of meteorite in its formation. Although Moldavite is not technically a crystal, it is referred to one in the metaphysical world of crystal healing. 

What are other names for Moldavite?

Moldavite was named after the Moldau River in the Czech Republic in 1836 after it was being referred to as Chrysolite since 1787. Chrysolite refers to many types of gemstones showing a golden hue. 

Moldavite is also known as Bouteille Stone or Vltavin.

Is Libyan Glass the same as Moldavite?

Although they are different minerals, Libyan glass is the Yellow Tektite Sister of Moldavite. Libyan Desert Glass is a yellow Tektite that is found in Libya and Egypt. Its creation is attributed to a different meteor impact event.

Libyan Desert Glass has a similar glassy texture and clarity as Moldavite but in a yellow color instead of green. Because the impact event happened in the sand, small pieces of sand are common inclusions of this mineral and give it the nickname The Great Sand Sea Glass.  

Is Moldavite more rare than a Diamond?

Moldavite is more rare than a Diamond because it comes from a single origin and is limited in quantity. Lucky for collectors, Moldavite does not cost as much as a diamond because it has not been as marketed or controlled as Diamonds have...yet! 

However, Moldavite has increased in value over the last decades thanks to the limited supply and the high demand for these rare gemstones. 

female wearing a rough and a faceted moldavite ring

Can Moldavite be faceted?

Moldavite can be faceted, but because of the air bubbles characteristic of the gem, it can be challenging. It is faceted like other natural gemstones and brings out its glassy, translucent appearance. 

Here is an example video on rough Moldavite being polished and faceted by a jeweler: 

What does Moldavite mean in divination?

Drawing Moldavite in a gemstone divination session means: It is time to lift your vibrations. You have been stuck in low-energy thoughts and dealings and now is the right time to look upwards. 

Use Moldavite to meditate, reflect, manifest, or heal your Heart chakra. Allow this gemstone to remove you from the lowly vibes to focus on things that bring you progress and joy. 

What is Moldavite Flush?

Moldavite Flush is when your body warms and tingles as a result of holding Moldavite. This occurs to many healers if they are beginners or sensitive and open to cosmic energies. 

The Moldavite Flush may directly be felt at the Heart chakra when doing Heart Chakra opening work. Not everyone feels Moldavite Flush, but if you do, enjoy the stimulating sensations or take a break from Moldavite if you are feeling overwhelmed. 

You can also pair your Moldavite with grounding earth stones or Iron meteorites to balance the sensations. 

sheila of satin crystals holding moldavite and iron meteorites

What stones pair well with Moldavite?

When using Moldavite for healing, many people report a sense of tingling, wooziness, or rush of energy due to the high vibrations of the stone. To balance this elevated energy, Iron meteorites like Campo del Cielo and Uruaca pair well.

These iron-rich meteorites pull you to earth while Moldavite lifts you to the clouds. They all contain a little outer space magic, but the Iron Meteorites have heavier, grounded energy compared to Moldavite. 

If you are doing Heart chakra work with your Moldavite, pair it with gentle love stones like Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, or Prehnite. 

Can you wear Moldavite every day?

Moldavite is excellent to wear every day, depending on your sensitivity level. If you are someone who feels the Moldavite Flush, you may only be able to stand wearing Moldavite once a week. Trust your intuition. 

If you don't feel any uncomfortable sensations in the presence of your Moldavite jewelry, this green gemstone will add positive energy to your daily life. Wear it at your Heart chakra as a necklace, admire it as a ring on your finger, or balance your mind as earrings. 

sheila of satin crystals holding and wearing moldavite

What size Moldavite do I need?

A question we receive often is "What size crystal should I purchase?". At Satin Crystals, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all theory because each individual is unique. Everyone is totally different, and we've had customers fall in love with tiny pieces to large ones. Our Mini Martian Moldavite is the smallest of all, while our Big Alien Moldavite pendants tend to be hefty. 

At Satin Crystals, we sell our Moldavite by size rather than weight. If you were to see a 2-gram Moldavite for sale, you might not know what that means. Just like if you were to see a 789-gram amethyst ball for sale, you may not know what to expect! That's why we sell Moldavite by size, it's much more relatable and practical for our customers. 

If someone's telling you exactly what you must have, then they aren't taking into account that you're a unique individual. At Satin Crystals, we encourage you to pick by intuition, how you want to use the Moldavite, and you budget too. Watch the How to Pick Crystals video if you need help with choosing your Moldavite. 

Where can I find real Moldavite?

You'd love to be an owner of exclusive, limited Moldavite, but you have no plans to visit the Czech Republic soon. Thankfully, Moldavite is available through select reputable sellers and meteorite aficionados.

Unfortunately, Moldavite is also mass-replicated in Chinese factories and supplied around the world to unsuspecting buyers. We've seen thousands of buyers give 5-star reviews to fake Moldavite throughout several online marketplaces. These buyers are thrilled to have green Tektite at bargain-bin prices. Little do they know that they have been overpaying for colored green glass. 

Don't become a victim, learn How to Buy Real Moldavite, or let trusted sources like Satin Crystals properly equip you with one of the world's greatest gems.

At Satin Crystals, Lisa Satin has strong connections with authentic Moldavite vendors in the Czech Republic after living in Central Europe for many years. 

Because our customers love variety, we offer genuine Moldavite in collectible specimen pieces, cosmic pairs, designer necklaces, precious rings, and more. If you want 100% peace of mind and 100% authenticity, visit the Satin Crystals Moldavite Collection or pick your pieces right here:


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